Friday, August 17, 2012

Wedding Dress Three Ways

In honor of my upcoming wedding anniversary on August 20th, I thought I'd dedicate a post to the dress that symbolizes the day the Wo (the "she") merged with the We (the "he"), and we became "WoWe."

 I'm pretty lucky.
I've worn my wedding dress for three, yes three, occasions. 
Well, not counting when I tried it on...
What's up, bra?

Anyway, we spent a little over a thousand for the dress, veil, and hair piece. I consider that a job well done, especially for a dress that I wore THREE times. My dad must be so proud :)

(Click "read more" to see all three occasions.)

Time #1: My wedding day, but of course
I think this is my favorite day-of photo. Look at that beautiful sky.

I see a million dresses on TV and online; I'd still choose this one every time. 

I rode into and out of the ceremony in a carriage. My super sweet 16 can eat this.

Time #2: My After-the-Wedding Shoot 
Too cool for school.

Captain Planet, anyone?

My butt looks good. He has no butt.
Name that inspiration. GO!

My hand is in his pocket, not poking him in the no zone.
Note: My talented friend, Christine, took these pictures. She really captured our goofy personalities :)

Time #3: Helping out my wedding photographer by posing in my wedding dress at a venue at which he hoped to gain more business. What girl would ever deny the opportunity to wear her dress again?
Please visit my photographer here! He takes beautiful, clear, colorful pictures!  

Those flowers were gorgeous, and he let me keep them!

Possibly my favorite picture of all time. No, Jeff is actually not inside of that suit of armor. Eric photoshopped him into it. HYSTERICAL.

Me just hanging out with some burly dudes.

Castle's entrance.

I loved my wedding venue, but this castle is so charming.

Amazing stairwell. I love this angle. 

I'm itching to wear it again. Maybe I'll toss it on on our first wedding anniversary and have my hubby take some pictures of me wearing it. Or, I'll have him put on a cute outfit and enlist my mom's help to take pictures with her fancy camera. 
I think that sounds like a fabulous idea.

How many times have you worn your wedding dress? Am I crazy? (rhetorical question)


  1. My Jeff's friend Kathryn wore hers ten years later to vacuum. You could do that!

  2. My Jeff's friend Kathryn wore hers ten years later to vacuum. You could do that!

  3. I'm down with that idea! I like this Kathryn character.


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