Sunday, March 31, 2013

Casual Easter

First of all, hello. 

Today, I'm showing you my relaxed Easter look.
I'd like for you to know how comfortable I was wearing this outfit. 
Very comfortable. I've found you almost every item (exactly), so you, too, can be comfortable like me. 
Quite often, I read fashion blogs, and women weigh in on what their style is. 

Here's my deal: if I can find the armholes, it doesn't take me five minutes to figure out how to wear the article of clothing, I don't look like a total schlep, whatever I'm wearing won't cause me to fall flat on my face, and I'm comfortable, then there's a good chance I'll try it on for size. However, what dominates my wardrobe? Bright colors, stripes, and blazers. Lots and lots of blazers. I enjoy this coral blazer. I plan to find it an emerald green best buddy to chill with in my closet. 

There are a few trends that are just not me. I shall list them in no particular order:
1. Uggs (bear claws for feet)
2. Sneaker wedges (I just can't like them.)
3. Distressed jeans (I refuse to pay someone to put holes in my jeans when I'm pretty capable of fulfilling that task on my own.)
4. Boyfriend jeans (dumpy butt syndrome doesn't appeal to me)
5. HIGH heels (I don't make a habit of pissing off my lower back.)

More power to you ladies who can rock these trends and make them look good, but this girl can't make 'em work, and I'm okay with that. Anyone else have trends that just don't suit them?

Outfit Deets:
Blazer: Target (exact)
Scarf: Old Navy (exact)
Jeans: NY & Co (very similar)
Shoes: Nordstrom (exact)
Earrings: Target (only $7.99!)

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  1. Love this outfit! That blazer and scarf are just too pretty!
    Also, I'm with you on every one of those trends you listed. Though I'm sort of indifferent on boyfriend jeans because I've never even tried a pair on so, meh.
    Oh, and I'm following you now =)

    1. Why, thank you. :) I've tried on more than one pair of boyfriend jeans, and they are so NOT flattering on me. Of course, I think they're generally unflattering on many people, but some people can just nail looks with their confidence. I don't feel confident when I feel like I look as if I pooped my pants.

  2. Oooh! I love your scarf - how beautiful! I'm so glad you talked about those trends...I'm not a fan of any of those trends either!!! Now I don't feel so alone... :)

    1. I'm glad this scarf is getting some love because it was sort of an impulse buy. Who can resist such spring-loving colors? And, no, you are certainly not alone.

  3. Love that blazer and that scarf paired with your chucks! I can't just get enough of mine!

    1. Thank ya. I used a gift card from a student to buy them, and I am so happy they've joined my gray ones! I think they'll be getting a lot of wear this summer. :)

  4. Loving that scarf, especially pared with your happy pink blazer. Great combo!! You look wonderful. Happy, Happy Easter!!

  5. I love your blazer! I would love for you to come link up to my Tuesday Blog Hop!!

    xo Tori

    1. Done :) Oh, and thanks! I was pretty excited to find this beauty at Target. Of course, it in no way compares with your uncanny thrift shopping skills!

  6. Visiting from the link up. Would love it if you stopped by and said hello on my blog.



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