Thursday, October 30, 2014


A few weeks ago, I went into Old Navy with $10 in store credit/cash/whatever they call that nonsense. I figured I could browse for something that caught my eye, so I ventured to the sale rack. I found this dress for $11.49. Yes, that means I ended up paying about $2 for this dress, which I might add is a dress I have searched for since I saw it online...not in my size. I thought that maybe one day I would find myself in luck, and I had my day, people. I had my day. (The picture quality might not convey that this dress is red and white stripes, so there's that information in case you needed it.)

When I walked through the media center today to pick up letters of rec off of the printer, I saw a student working on something for school and commented, "How do you SEE anything on that screen? It's like the world's tiniest computer." He did not tell me that my eyes are 30-year-old woman eyes and not 17-year-old boy eyes, but he did say that he bought the computer at a yard sale for a whopping THREE dollars. I think his three dollar computer's got my two dollar dress beat.

The Look:
Scarf: Made by my momma (similar)
Belt: Francesca's (similar)
Cardigan: Target (one of my students calls it our twin cardigan because she has the same one!)
Boots: Franco Sarto via Marshall's (he makes the best shoes.)
Dress: Old Navy (similar)


  1. What a great score! I just saw some new cardigans at Target today, and they're so pretty I wanted them all. I'm waiting to see if they'll go on sale.

    I once had twin pants with one of my students. However, I taught third grade, so I'm not sure I should be proud of that.

  2. Yard sales is where it's at! But kudos to you for getting this dress for only $2! I like how you styled it with mustard. I've seen others wear mustard and red together and make it look great, but I'm always scared to look like Mcdonalds hahah.

  3. Okay, this dress is awesome. And for $2? Super awesome. How do you feel about having the same clothes as someone in your class? In the past I used to worry about that, especially because once I ordered a top from Forever 21 and the next day one of my students was wearing that same top. I'm pretty sure I returned it without even trying it on.

  4. Ehhh, I still think there's nothing better than a $2 dress! BTW, I totally bought that blush pink cardigan from Old Navy so we can be twins :)

  5. $2 dress for the win! That's awesome.

  6. A $2 and a $3 computer?! Crazy town!! I love this dress, by the way. The red and white stripes are so much fun, and I love how you styled it with the mustard cardigan. You really couldn't be cuter if you tried. My mom just bought me 6 (!!) new dresses that I can't wait to wear and layer the crap out of as soon as my capsule wardrobe is done at the end of the month!! :)


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