Monday, December 1, 2014


If you dress up jeans on a Monday, is your outfit really casual? I love to fancify my jeans with heels and jewels, and I argue that jeans are not just for casual Fridays. I think a dark-wash trouser jean makes for a happier Monday, and who can disagree with anything that makes Monday more manageable? (No one.) I realize that my crummy photo quality leads you to believe that these pants are black, but I assure you that they are, indeed, a dark-wash jean. Could I wear black pants with this outfit? Absolutely. Sometimes, however, I envision certain items playing well with each other, and these jeans completed the look I conjured up in my cranium. 

As I finally bid a teary farewell to some of my summer tops and dresses, to which I fiercely clung for far too long, I decided that I could repurpose quite a few items for the colder months. Take this sleeveless peplum top, for example. Yes, it has no sleeves. Haha! Did I trick you with my layering prowess? I considered a button up, but the peplum is too form fitting, which means the buttons would leave a weird little shape poking through the fabric. No bueno.

I actually chose all of my outfits for the week. My morning brain will thank me for my preparation. My "why did you pick out outfits instead of doing your grad work?" brain will scold me. Such is life. Instead of reprimanding myself, I think I will eat another cupcake and watch more HGTV. Everyone needs a break, right?   

The Look:
Peplum: New York & Co. (old) // almost identical from H&M // one with sleeves from Macy's
Trouser jeans: LOFT ("Santa" bought them for me last Christmas) // LOFT  corduroy trousers
Black Tee: Marshall's (I think I shall buy more from Target) // similar from F21
Heels: Jones New York via Marshall's // similar from DSW
Necklace (new): The Limited, got it for $8 

I also wore the peplum these ways:
(I decided to wear it with the same accessories and different bottoms. Not incredibly creative, but still an effective remixing of looks. I think.)


  1. You're back!! I've missed you so much!! ha, but seriously. I suspected this top wasn't one piece, but I still think you did a great job layering. Have you ever put a cami over your button up shirt (and under the layering piece) to hide the effect of the buttons? (Fran did a great tutorial here.) I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Why had I never thought to layer my sleeveless peplum over a long-sleeved shirt?? I'm so doing this soon! Also, are you allowed to wear (fancy) jeans to work on Mondays? We are strictly limited to jeans on Fridays if we pay money to the PBIS fundraiser at the beginning of the year.

  3. The layering looks great, and it's good to see you back. I hope you were just enjoying life and not sick or anything. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. I say where what you want when ever you want, if work lets you. :-)

  4. This is a great layering trick! I love the contrasting sleeves! I almost always plan my outfits ahead for the week and it makes my mornings so much easier, but can be a bit of a chore come Sunday evening.

  5. I wonder if any of my sleeveless tops would look good layered like this? Hmmmm... something to try. I normally just layer them under cardigans, but that eventually isn't quite warm enough.

  6. GIRL. This outfit is a total win. LOVE the black and white on top with the dark jeans and then leopard heels. And then the necklace just ties it all together perfectly. I feel like none of my sleeveless tops will work with a longsleeve underneath, but I am definitely intrigued to try it out now!

  7. I was irrationally happy to see a blog post from you when I opened up feedly the other day. (#fangirl)

    I really like this outfit! You look adorable in your peplum top, and I really like it over the tee (and good call not wearing it over a button up - you'd look like you had a row of nipples running down your front with the buttons, haha). Also, I fully support the trouser jeans. I just got a pair of dark wash flared jeans that I will be able to wear to work on days other than Friday because they look like trousers! I'm pretty pumped about it. Plus, they make my butt look amazing, so, there's that too.

  8. Wow I really thought your top had awesome sleeves! I like this look on you. Very classy for a Monday when little effort is wanted. Hahahaha I just read Brynn's comment about a row of nipples down your chest. Luckily you can't tell in the pictures, but in yesterday's post, I'm wearing a western style button up under my sweater and the snap button chest pockets made it look like I had super elevated nipples or really perky boobs. Not sure if that's a good thing or not...


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