Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cold Weather Engagement Photos

Jeff decided that it would be appropriate to propose during a picnic...on a frigid day in late October. When your boyfriend asks you to cover yourself with five layers in order to go on a picnic, something you never do, you raise your eyebrow. I had a sneaking suspicion, and here we are. Anyway, one of my concerns was getting engagement photos in time for a save the date (of my own creation) and during cold weather. I wondered how I could possibly look cute when it would be so cold outside!

We went to a nearby college's campus and took pictures outside. When the cold became too much to handle, we ducked inside of their church and took some pictures in there.

I'll give you some photos and some tips.

1. Skirts/dresses are definitely possible, especially if you're like me and your legs don't feel cold so easily. My mom bought me this Hollister skirt, and I loved the bright colors; they totally fit my personality, and it made me happy to know that mom bought it. (Apparently, dad helped picked it out.) :) Since it will be cold outside, and much of the foliage might be dead, don't be afraid to wear a pop of color!

2. Wear a well-fitting coat (not that you buy ill-fitting coats for yourself). What I mean is that you should make sure to buy a coat that doesn't hide your shape; otherwise, you'll look lost in your coat. I like this one from Old Navy. I picked a neutral color since my skirt was already pretty bold. (I also own a kelly green coat, but I didn't want to look technicolor.) 

3. Always have fun and show your personalities. 

We tried a little Blue Steel...

And some ninja moves...

And our Italian soap opera pose...

Can't go wrong pretending to be a criminal...

And our thinking poses...

4. Try some fun boots. I think rainy day pictures could be reeeeally cute, too! Wear some adorable rain coats with a polka dot umbrella or something equally fun :) 

6. Do a Google image (or Pinterest) search to find shots that you'd like to experiment with. Print them out for your photographer to see.

If I restyled this shoot, I might consider...

* Changing up boots
* Wearing some colored skinnies with a cute pair of heels & a loose sweater
* Wear tame pants (ex: fitted blue jeans) with one of my bold jackets
* Wear brighter gloves; my sort of got lost in the background. I do have hands!
* Forcing Jeff to wear shoes that aren't tennis shoes. Good grief, what do I do with him?
* Add a pop of lip color (help whiten my teeth)
* Try wearing a cute, knit hat

Please enjoy some more of our pictures. Forgive me, but I just love all of them so much, that I had to share a lot!

This piano was inside of the church. We decided I would serenade him. 

This is the one we posted in the paper :)

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed our photos and gained something from the tips. Our awesome friend Golden took these shots. Isn't he talented?

What cold weather engagement photo tips do you have?

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