Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Olive, Navy, & Beige

Momma made another scarf for me. It's obvious that I'm the favorite. Sorry, big brother.

I wore this outfit to grad class because I never know if the room is going to be blazing hot or frigid cold. Layers are important, folks. I'm surprised that I didn't throw a vest into the mix. 

I'd also like for you to know a little trick I found out: 
to find the "perfect" loose cardigan, buy two sizes up at Target. 
I tried extra small, but they shrunk and ended up all teeny. Too teeny.
I tried a medium, and it was perfect after laundering.
I'm so smart I scare myself. 


  1. the flats/jeans combination here is PERFECT. I'm seriously in love with those shoes.

  2. Love this look. And I do the same thing at Target if I want a loose fitting look!

  3. Love this outfit! It's so comfy and causal looking but so put together at the same time :)


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