Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Two-Toned Blazer Three Ways

So, every Sunday, I spend some time going through my closet, looking for neglected clothes to revive. This Sunday, I found a two-tone blazer that fits really well, but I haven't been wearing it very often because of its length. I challenged myself to style it three ways so that I had some outfit combinations in my arsenal for future use. I hope these looks help you, too! 

Look #1: Work Appropriate 
(For the wicked winter time, I would throw on some tights, but I didn't feel like fighting with them for the purpose of this Sunday assignment that I gave to myself.)

It took me forever to pick out a belt for this outfit. Beige looked weird. I wasn't feeling leopard print. I wanted something big. This black belt from another dress fit the bill.  Also, in the following picture, I wasn't wearing a necklace. When I reviewed the pictures in my view finder, I realized that the outfit did not look complete. I threw on a necklace, and it made a huge difference (to me.) Finally, I considered a red top, but I thought that might be predictable. I like how fuchsia softened the look. 

No idea what's going on with my legs. They're trying to divorce each other in this picture.

They're hesitant but thinking about reconciliation in this picture.

Look #2: Edgy Date Night

Okay, this look challenged me the most. It might have been because I was trying on the top half without putting on any pants. Pants really do complete an outfit in case you were wondering. I didn't like the top half until I put on a pair of pants. Amazing. Anyway, at first, I was leery about this combination of different lengths, but the addition of some trusty pants alleviated my fears. I rather like it, and it might be my favorite of the three outfits even though it includes no pops of color. Sometimes, it's okay to stick with only neutrals. If I wanted, I could throw on my leopard print heels instead of these boots. So many options here, people!

By the way, I also unearthed this button up that has received zero love in at least a year. When I tried it unbuttoned, I realized how much I love it for a more casual look! The more I look at this outfit, the more I think leopard print heels would be a nice substitution. Hmmm. Thoughts?

Look #3: Casual Friday or Running Errands 

If you chose to run errands, throw on some flats (black, red, nude, leopard, whatever).  However, these little kitten heels are easy on the feet and back, so they'd be find for errands, too. 

I liked red in my accessories instead of my top. Also, this long sleeve shirt might be my favorite of the entire bunch. So darn versatile. I love me some stripes! 

(Feel free to pin me. Note: that does not mean we're going steady. Sorry.)

Blazer: Forever 21

Outfit 1 Deets:
Top: The Limited (size XS)
Skirt: LOFT (size 0)
Belt: From a dress
Shoes: Naturalizer
Necklace: Gift from Momma! :)

Outfit 2 Deets:
Top: Mudd via Kohl's (size S)
Button up: Express (size XS)
Black Corduroy Pants: LOFT (size 0)
Boots: Not sure

Outfit 3 Deets:
Belt: NY & Co. (size S/M)
Top: The Limited (size XS)
Pants: LOFT (size 0)
Shoes: Naturalizer 


  1. Great blazer! I love each outfit you styled with the blazer!


    1. Thanks :) I'm trying to teach myself how to shop my own closet!

  2. I love the third one! The thin stripes really allow you to bump up the accessories - everything works so well together.

    Are your legs in couples counseling now? I hear that really works! ;)

    1. I feel like it's hard to go wrong with a striped shirt. I'm a little obsessed.

      We got to the heart of the matter: they weren't actually in a fight. They looked at each other, saw that they needed to see their mutual friend, the razor, and decided to stay away from each other so as not to start a fire by getting any closer. Oh, a woman's shame during winter time.

  3. Absolutely love the two-tone blazer and you made it so versatile. I love look one and two. So, so cute and totally different!

  4. I love the two toned blazer! I have a black and white one just like it :)


  5. Love posts like this because I think its important to show how great staples can be so versatile!

    Karen Kane Giveaway up!


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