Sunday, April 21, 2013

And it was all yellow...

Okay, it was not all yellow. There was some navy and white, too.  I just like that Coldplay song, so I thieved it for the purposes of my post's title.

Why, when a casual Friday stares me in the face and I'm given a free pass to wear blue jeans, do I opt for a less-than-casual outfit? Now, some of you might be thinking, "Ummm, Wo, that's casual, girlfran." I assure you that, in comparison to my colleagues and especially my students, this outfit is not casual for a casual Friday. I pity the teachers who have such strict dress codes. So stifling. If my students can wear booty shorts and diaphanous leggings with abandon, then I can wear my sartorial choices, none of which include exposing my derrière.

In case you wanted to see me imitate Mr. Ed, here you go...
You can't unsee that. 

Outfit Deets:
Cardigan: NY & Co (I like this one.)
Blouse: current, Lauren Conrad via Kohl's (exact)
Pants: White House Black Market (cute)
Flats: Mia via DSW (a different navy pair)

Here's a close up of the shirt:


  1. Great look. Casual yet polished :)

  2. I love the brightness of your yellow top with your white pants. Great look!


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