Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tasty Tuesday: Savory Salmon Salad

How about that alliteration? You dig it? I dig it. 

As you can see by the title of this post, Jeff Boyardee strikes again. My man can cook. 

Luckily, he writes pretty well, too. I edited a few commas and periods, but I barely touched what he wrote. Hooray for less work. Oh, and for the record, this salad is DELICIOUS, gluten-free, and anti-inflammatory. The dressing might just be the best thing since sliced bread, especially since I can't eat most sliced breads. 

Cedar Plank & Lemon Pepper Salmon Salad 
with Tartar Vinaigrette

Excuse the poor quality. My husband sent the recipe as a .pdf file, which meant I had to take a screen shot of the image that he included in the file. Good grief.

-Flank of salmon (steelhead trout is a great choice, too) 
-Lemon pepper seasoning
-Cedar plank

-Red Leaf Lettuce (or romain)
-Pine nuts
-Pickle slice/quarter
-Olive Oil
-Mayo (we used Nayonaise, which is and egg-free, soy-based version of mayo)
-Brown sugar

Preparation Fish
1. Soak the cedar plank for about 20 minutes in water.
2. Pour a little olive oil on the wood where the fish will lay.
3. Put the fish on and season with lemon pepper and some chunks of butter.
4. Throw on the grill for a while until cooked (about 20 minutes)....I used a charcoal grill just because its better

Preparation Salad
1. Slice up the lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, and strawberries. Mix together.
2. Heat up the corn (usually we use the one in the steam bag) and mix into the veggies 
3. Mix in the pine nuts

Preparation Tartar Vinaigrette
1. Blend a pickle slice/quarter with 2-3 tbsp of mayo
2. Add some olive oil to get a thick and creamy consistency 
3. Salt and Pepper to taste
4. Add 1 tsp of brown sugar and continue to blend

1. All of the veggies are already mixed, so give them a toss to mix them up 
2. Plate the veggies and put a few chunks of salmon on top of the salad 
3. Pour some of the vinaigrette on top and serve


Should take about 40 minutes (unless you soak the plank earlier...then its just the time for the fish, as you will prepare the rest as it cooks.)

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