Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Coral and Black Striped Dress

I know that barely anyone sported black on Easter Sunday, but I was determined to wear this dress, which required tights and long sleeves. Now, was it frigid outside on Sunday? Not so much. However, I always anticipate that my in-laws' house will be set at a subzero temperature. My bones don't do cold, so I packed on enough layers for the occasion. Plus, I think coral is a bright, fun enough color for Easter Sunday, right?

My ten-year-old niece was sitting next to me during the meal. At one point, she looked down at my seat, reached out her hand to touch my dress, and said, with her eyes wide open, does your dress have pockets? I didn't think I could love that kid anymore, but a fellow dresses-with-pockets lover instantly scores more points with me. We also had the following conversation that made me love her more and question my intelligence:

Me: Do you watch Once Upon a Time?

Niece: Yes, do you?

Me: Yes, but I'm so bummed. I missed last week's episode and I forgot to DVR it.

Niece: You have ON Demand, right?

Me: Yeah.

Niece: You know you can watch the show on ON Demand, right? Just click the ON Demand button, click on TV shows, and find your show.

Me: ...seriously?

Thanks to her, I caught up on the previous episode before watching last night's episode. The fact that my techy husband had no idea about this fun little feature makes me feel a lot better about my ignorance.

Aaaaaand, to distract you from my stupidity, here is my cute outfit.

Only shot that shows you the wonder of my POCKETS!

I wanted you to see my headband with the bow on it because I like it.

Awwwwkward arms.

Outfit Deets:
Striped Dress: Target ( several colors)
Black shirt: Marshalls 
Boots: b.o.c via DSW (exact, in brown or black)
Scarf: Not a clue, folks
Earrings: Target (I'm obsessed with these things.)

Oh, and I was finding old papers in my car while Jeff drove to his parents' house for Easter. This outfit was inside of a coupon booklet for The Limited. I was excited because I can recreate it with clothes in my closet. Heck yeah.

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  1. I'm so glad you found my blog through the giveaway. I'm following you now too. Um, I think I may have to order this dress. What is it with all the cute clothes & spending money lately? I can't stop.

    And, I love Once Upon a Time and dresses with pockets.

  2. I love the flare and stripes on the dress! So adorable. I also really like how you did your hair and added the hairband!


  3. Super cute dress! I think it is perfect for Easter.
    Looks great.


  4. Cute dress! On demand is great, is great for those situations :)

  5. I love this dress. love your niece(that convo is too cute) and love Once Upon a Time!! I missed it and plan to catch up tonight!

  6. Love that dress! it might have something to do with my stripes obsession... You look great!


  7. It's not like the dress was mainly black. Black is an acceptable accent color for Easter says the gal who wore black and white polka dots herself.


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