Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Coral & Navy & Craaaazy.

Today, it happened.

One of my students informed me that I was wearing pants that she owns. Exact color. Exact store. Exact brand. Not the exact pair. That'd be creepy. Of course, I probably paid less since Momma dukes poops 30% off coupons for Kohls. 

Riddle me this: if my student owns these pants, then why is she always wearing sweatpants to school? Furthermore, why ARE people always wearing sweats, yoga pants, or leggings in public? I mean, if you just finished an intense Bikram session (I still contend that yoga is cruel and unusual punishment for an overactive sphincter), super. Get down with your spandex or sweatsuit self. Are you running a 118 degree fever and need some sludge from CVS in order to reenter humanity? Okay, I'll let you slide. 
How.ev.er, If you just finished learning at a desk in a climate-controlled classroom, why do you need to wear these items of clothing every day? And don't give me the "but they're comfortable" excuse. I'm not buying what you're selling. I own plenty of jeans that are as comfortable as sweats. In fact, I own many dresses and skirts that rival all sweats, leggings, and yoga pants. Sloppy on occasion is acceptable. Sloppy by nature? Not cool. Unless it's your rap name. And then it's really not cool. 

If I look like crap on a stick, then I feel like crap on a stick. I can kiss all productivity goodbye. However, if I feel like a hot tamale, then I'll be on fire all day. I speak the truth. 
Dress for success and stay classy, San Diego. 
(If only I didn't hate Will Ferrell so much...)

You probably don't care about my redundant rant, and that's okay with me. I do hope you like my outfit; however, I'll still wear it even if you don't dig it. If I avoided wearing what people made fun of me for, then I never would have rocked those bell bottom leggings in elementary school. (Seriously, if you're going to wear leggings, at least be cool like mini me and wear bell bottom leggings.) I miss those pants. And all of my flannel shirts. Oh, wait, I've already accrued a healthy collection of adult-sized flannel shirts. Giggity.  

Outfit Deets:
Pants: Elle via Kohl's (exact--I seriously want them in orchid, too.)
Blazer: Marshall's (similar)
Shirt: Target 
Belt: NY & Co.
Earrings: Target 
Scarf: Made by Momma dukes, of course ;) 
Shoes: I think they're Mia. I know they're from DSW. 

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  1. I agree that when you dress better you feel better. I feel more professional at work when I look cute too.

    Although I will rock some leggings in public when they are properly styled with a long shirt/ sweater :)

  2. I LOVE YOUR PANTS. Every time I see something coral, I want to take it home, but I've been hesitating because sometimes I have love affairs with certain colors, and then I over-buy them and then I get suuuper sick of them. For now, I just have a coral cardigan, and I love love love it. But I want coral SUPER bad.

    I'm totally with you on being much more productive when I look nice. I don't need to be super dressed up, but I get NOTHING done when I'm wearing sloppy clothes. Glad I'm not the only one :)


  3. Love coral + navy together.

    What you say is totally true. If you're wearing sweats, you are going to be a lazy bum in them.

  4. Love you outfit! AND absolutely agree with you about wearing lounge clothes!

  5. Love this outfit!! The pants are so fun and look great with navy and stripes.

  6. Those pants are lovely!! I love how you paired it with that striped blazer. You look great :)

    Sunny with a side of...

  7. Love the shoes! And, the stripes look great with coral! Totally agree with your view on sweats/yoga pants on a daily basis! There is definitely no need for it and productivity (other than accomplishing a good workout) goes right out the window!



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