Friday, April 5, 2013

Tile Store

Good afternoon, folks.

I'm making this one a quick one because we're back to work on putting in new flooring in the kitchen and dining room. We've hit quite a few hiccups, so things are progressing slower than we anticipated. However, that's pretty normal with this family.
Anyway, we went to the tile store this morning to pick up more thinset and grout. I decided to look presentable for the first time in five days. You're welcome.

It's a converse kind of day.

And now for the full-body shots (not that kind of body shot, perverts.) 

We need a new welcome mat.

Wish us luck on today's tiling adventure. (Actually, we have yet to tile. Like I said, lots of hiccups. More like a belch.)

Fun fact: right after Jeff took these pictures, I dropped my sunglasses and popped out one of the lenses. Luckily, the lenses pop in as easily as they pop out. Awesome. 

Outfit Deets:
Sweatshirt: Target clearance
Striped shirt: Target
Jeans: American Eagle
Converse: DSW
Sunglasses: NY & Co. 
Scarf: Made by Momma :)

Check ya later, home skillets!


  1. i love everything about this outfit. this is my kind of weekend wear, or better yet, everyday wear.

  2. I almost bought that sweatshirt! You look so cute.

  3. Great outfit, especially the Chucks! I'd love if you'd link up to My Style Monday!


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