Monday, June 17, 2013

Aruba, Jamaica, Ooooo, I wanna take ya...

Are you singing the Beach Boys now? You're welcome. 

Since this week marks my first week of "summer break," which is still comprised of curriculum writing and an AP summer institute, a few colleagues and I hung out at my co-teacher's pool. I needed to visit human resources after I left, so I brought a change of clothes. I decided that showing up to the Board of Education in flip flops, shorts, and a bikini was a tad unprofessional. I threw on this outfit that I might have to put on repeat because I feel swishy, islandy, and a teensy bit sultry while I wear it. 

Everybody come see how good I look.

Fran, I posed right here at this moment because I know how much you love the lighting. Look at me thinking of my blogging buddies. 

All I can really tell you about this look is that I bought the skirt at NY & Co. last summer. 

Who wants to take me to an island now? I've got just the outfit for the occasion! 

In case you needed to hear it...
I make no apologies for the earbug I just implanted. 

Check out some lovely ladies over at Molly's for YOLO Mondays and Laura's for the floral trend.
Edit: I just so happened to wear Marionberry's trend of the month this week, and I didn't even realize it! Look at me being all trendy. 


  1. YES. love the pretty light and that you thought of me :)

    also again triple that skirt's size and send it my way please

  2. Love this summer look! Looks like a busy start to summer. I was up at school doing writing curriculum too.

  3. What a gorgeous skirt!! Blue is my favorite color and green is a close second so I love these colors together!! Thank you so much for linking up today, and I hope to see you in chambray next week. ; )

  4. This skirt is gorgeous! Also, I kinda secretly love the Beach Boys haha.

  5. Oh love this look! Skirt is FAB-U-LOUS with those feathers. Thanks for linking up to the floral trend spin linkup :) don't forget Chambray is next week.

    The Fashion Canvas

  6. your skirt is so gorgeous! great outfit!

  7. I love your skirt! It looks fab with that top. You look so pretty!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. Love the print on your maxi! And it looks so super comfortable and cute.

    <3 Kali
    Kali Now Living

  9. New follower from the Trend of the Month Challenge! Love this look so much!!

  10. Oh wow, what a gorgeous skirt! I love how color coordinated you are with this look. Fabulous!!

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