Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I have no boundaries.

Today, our senior class graduates! Of course, I had to write this post the night before graduation because I am teaching a full day and then working graduation, which entails corralling teenage boys. 

I did not wear this dress to graduation (back is too low). I wore it to another Memorial Day BBQ on Monday because it was 90 degrees outside. Sure, I still suffered from inner thigh sweat, but whatever. Embrace the thigh sweat. Speaking of inner thigh sweat, I am SO glad graduation is at 8 p.m. tonight. Last year, it was earlier in the day, and it was so hot that I thought my inner thighs would start a fire. Of course, they were sweating so profusely under my robe that they would have set fire to themselves only to put it out. (Note: all of our county's high school graduations are held at the same outdoor location. The "ceiling" fans in the pavilion are so high up that it feels like a mouse is puffing at you from the rafters. A very small mouse.) 

This blog has reached new, awkward heights. There is nothing I won't discuss. Okay, there are some things I won't discuss. I even briefly mentioned inner thigh sweat when I posted last year's graduation look

The Look:
Dress: Candie's via Kohl's (old)
Belt: The Limited
Shoes: Converse via DSW
Purse: Marshall's (I realize I look much too tiny in comparison to a purse that's also supposed to be somewhat tiny, but what is a girl to do? Plus, the black looks a little harsh with such a cutesy look, but I love my new purse, so I shall wear it with all the things!) 

Hello, bruise I didn't know was on my back right calf. How pronounced you look against my pasty legs.

When the weather was cold, I also wore the dress this way:


  1. Ohh, I love both your warm and cool weather interpretations of this dress! What are you wearing to graduation? Or will we see it later? Our seniors graduate on Friday and I still haven't figured-out what to wear. I'll actually be on stage wearing a cap and gown so I guess it doesn't matter too much...I just need to make sure that I wear shoes I won't trip in!

  2. I love this dress, the color is perfection! Have fun at graduation!

  3. hey, at least you're honest! And at least this dress is gorgeous!

  4. This dress is so pretty! I love it with the sneakers. Also, the dress you wore to graduation last year is SO FUN!

  5. Hahaha, you're a goofball. I like your outfit here - perfectly patriotic without being too "'Murrica." Your sneakers look aDORable with the outfit, too - it keeps the outfit fun and casual :)

  6. That is such a cute dress! I can't decide if I like the warm or cool weather outfit better. The gorgeous color and lace detailing have sucked me in. I also love the bruise comment. Nothing like blog pictures to show us spots behind us that we didn't know we even had.

    The layers in your hair are super pretty. I hadn't noticed them before your side picture. So so pretty!


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