Thursday, May 1, 2014

Essays aren't the only things in need of revisions.

When Mom and I took pictures of this outfit, I hadn't considered the blustery, rainy, cold front that would pass through on the day I planned to wear it. When I actually wore it, I pulled a typical me and tucked in the shirt, belted the pants, and threw on a white blazer. (If you follow me on Instagram, you already saw this look on Tuesday!) Anyway, I felt much better in the revised version because it felt more "me." I know blogland is all "HALF TUCK THE SHIRT," but I typically prefer a full tuck for work outfits. I feel more polished. When you deal with teenage funk all day, anything that makes you feel more put together prevents that "I think I smell like teen spirit now" feeling. 

Anyway, I can't believe I once considered ousting this top from my closet. Its sunny yellow disposition rubs off on me, and it worked perfectly for this week's Trendy Tuesday theme, bows. The ladies wore bows in their hair, shirts tied in bows, shirts in bow print, and headbands with bows. The gents took the opportunity to wear bow ties. (Check me out on Instagram if you want to see how I revised the look for a frigid classroom.) I also switched from these shoes to a lower heel that also sported bows on the front. How appropriate. 

The Look:
Shirt: New York & Co.
Pants: Express (the Columnist in slim cut)
Shoes: via DSW

I also wore the shirt this way:
(crappy picture but the blazer is navy)

I also wore the heels this way:
(I had to donate the shirt because it shrunk and same with the cardigan.)

And the pants this way:

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  1. This yellow top is adorable! And seriously, you and your coworkers were just too cute, those bow ties!! P.S. These pants look AMAZING on you!

  2. I think the instagram version is cuter for you! You have such a tiny waist, that tucking shirts in just works for you! I think the half-tuck is so popular because it shows off the belt and give a little bit of structure, without drawing too much attention to the "spare tire" some of us have. At least, that's why I prefer it to a full tuck on myself!

  3. This top is so adorable...especially when I discovered it is printed! And I'm with you on the half tuck. I just can't ever get it to look right. Then, before I know it, it's not tucked at all!

  4. I also prefer the tucked in version. I've actually encountered a lot of backlash on the half-tuck-- namely, that it's not actually a style or a fashion statement, and the only reason we see it in catalogs is so that the company can show as much of each product as possible. (In a full tuck or non-tuck, you would be missing out on some of one product, but in a half tuck, you get to see the bottom of the top and the top of the bottoms.) Anyway. My slides and lecture notes tomorrow are also in need of revision, so I should get to that. bye!

  5. I really like both versions of the outfit! That top is so very bright and colorful and quite frankly, very YOU! Those pants fit you so well. I really need to take a trip to Express. All of their pants look amazing on you.

  6. Hahahaa, you are so funny. Love love love that outfit with the bow top and red pumps. Looking gorgeous, Express and The Limited both have awesome pants that fit so well and are nicely-made.

    Thanks for linking up to Tres Chic. Did you see that I co-hosted?

  7. I'm a full-tuck proponent too for work outfits. It makes the outfit so much more polished! The untucked looks great on you, but I can totally picture the tucked in with a belt version on you! I love a front tuck for the weekends though. And, the color on that top is gorgeous on you! I love how a bright outfit can brighten my outlook too ;)



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