Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Splurge vs. Save with Sandy from Grease

I have worn the heck out of this jacket since I found it for a mere $25 on thredUP, but it's made it to the blog only one other time. It took months to find this jacket because every other option I found cost more than I wanted to spend. I scored the jacket on a Monday because thredUP offers 10% off on Mondays and free return shipping any time if you order through a mobile app. (I fill the cart on my computer and complete the transaction on my iPad or phone.)

Let's talk about some of the pricey options I've found that look almost identical to mine:
  • This $505 looks almost identical to my find, but I'd never spend that much on a coat with my measly teacher's salary.
  • This $895 option on Shopbop was never going to happen.
  • If that one wasn't going to work, then this $3800 Gucci jacket is out of the question
As you can see from this jacket and its lookalikes, I wanted a jacket with a collar that didn't make me feel claustrophobic, some embellishments, and not so cropped that I felt awkward wearing it over a cardigan. (I needed the coat to keep me warm outside and the cardigan to keep me warm when the jacket had to come off at work.) I wasn't sold on the jacket's buckle until I saw some genius tie a knot in the strap to keep it from flopping around awkwardly. Crisis averted.

Okay, maybe you're wondering why I would think to show you so many pretty options without showing you something similar to mine for a lower price point. Fret not. I found some comparable jackets for less than $50.

Let's see some similar options under $50:
  • This Topshop jacket is on sale for $40.
  • This Nasty Gal jacket is on sale for $44
  • This option at Kohl's is $36 (down from $120!)
When I went to Dallas for the Faces of Beauty campaign, this jacket was my all star piece. It was perfect for the cold airport, restaurants, and Neiman Marcus. It transitions quite smoothly from day to night. And it makes spring outfits feel a little edgy. In this look from last week, I decided to go monochromatic, something I don't typically do.

My students told me that I looked like Sandy from Grease. Actually, one of my colleagues came toward me snapping like the greasers in the movie. I didn't have the heart to admit that I don't like the movie Grease. I realize that my opinion is in the minority.

The Look:
Jacket: Buffalo by David Bitton (via thredup)
Tank: White House Black Market (OLD)
Pants: Exact Stretch ankle pants from The Limited (exact)
Sandals: Sole Society (I bought them during a 40% off promo. Find them here.)
Belt: The Limited (exact)

(This is my snapping picture.)

For the record, Erin, the Community Outreach Coordinator for Credit Card Insider, asked me to be part of a campaign about savvy spending (my way of phrasing it) by posting about an item on which I could have splurged but instead found it cheaper. I immediately thought of this jacket. I received no compensation; I just agree with what this campaign is trying to promote!


  1. Yeah, this jacket is pretty amazing, plus THOSE SHOES! I've actually had Grease on my brain lately because we started rehearsals for our school's talent show and there is quite a bit of hand jive in our act. Takes me back to my HS performance as a pink lady. I know all the words to every song, well, mostly the backing vocals, so a just a whole lot of "doo-wops" and "shoo-bop-bops" so maybe that doesn't count haha.

  2. You definitely have a Sandy vibe going here! You also look like a rock star :)

  3. You are adorable in the edgiest possible way! I loved Grease when I was little, but it is kind of obnoxious! And when I got old enough to know what was going on, I was fairly creeped out. Like, if I have to wear a leather jacket to get my boyfriend to like me, maybe we should just break up!

  4. You don't like Grease?? You are definitely in the minority there lady. But you're channeling your inner Sandy for sure. The all black with the leather jacket and red lipstick? All you need are a pair of high black pumps, or was it boots? It's been awhile.

  5. I don't like Grease either, but I love the look, despite the Sandy resemblance

  6. Ummmmm, without being a total creep, you look suuuper hot in these pictures! The edgy/Sandy look just works on you!!! I love that leather jacket, and I've been on the lookout for one for so long. I kind of want to get the Nasty Gal one, simply because of its name, hahaha!


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