Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Little Red Dress

This weekend, we visited our friends in New York for their housewarming party. The more we visit them, the more I love that state. Of course, my love for the state is probably directly related to how much I like the people who live in it (the people we visit, not the random New Yorkers who look oddly at my husband and me, the crazy Marylanders, who stop to coo at their dogs). However, I do not enjoy the four (and then some?) hour drive from Maryland to New York, but some people are worth white knuckling the arm rest and console while my husband plays almost bumper cars with everyone who's driving "too slowly" in the "fast" lane. I have this deal with him. I either pass out or throw up while he drives--he's a maniac, if you ask me--and everyone prefers a car that does not smell of vomit, which means I sleep.

What you're seeing today is how I looked before the car ride. I'd like to think I still looked presentable when I exited the vehicle, but I know my face and head looked a little worse for wear. I wish car hair, which is worse than hat hair, looked better after four hours, but even strapped in by a seat belt, I cage fight in my sleep. Or run a marathon. Or swim under imaginary water. Who can be sure? Then, I wake up, and my husband likes to roll down the windows, which turns the car into a wind tunnel. My hair never stands a chance.

If you are new to this neck of Bloglandia, welcome. Obviously, I find my outfits worthy enough to share, but I hope you find my words so entertaining that they bring you back.  Surely, my pasty legs won't magnetize you to this blog. Or maybe they will. If you're into that sort of thing.

The Look:
Dress: Isaac Mizrahi for Target (via thredUP)
Jean Jacket: Old Navy
Purse: TJ Maxx
Necklaces: Target
Shoes: Aldo (I have worn them only twice, but I'm thinking about selling them because I found another pair I reeeeeeeally love even more. These are size 8.5 and retail for $70, but I was thinking about selling for $40; buyer pays shipping. Let me know if you're interested!)


  1. Ahh this is adorable! I love the red and blue together like this. I don't mind road trips so much, but you're right, they don't do much for my appearance either! I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

  2. Those shoes are amazing! Too bad I don't wear an 8.5...I could maybe stuff the toes with some tissue, right?!? Haha.

  3. I guess we wouldn't be good road trip partners, since I'm like your husband. I can't stand when people drive under the speed limit in the left lane. Get out of my way! That and not using turn signals. Bah! I can't remember the last time I wasn't in sweatpants for a road trip, but then again, my last few road trips have all been 8+ hours.

  4. Hehe my hubs favorite car game to play is bumper cars too--I always need a drink by the time we reach our destination :) You look adorable though--and I am sure the time with your friends makes it all worth it!


  5. Your husband drives like mine does. I always drive wherever we go. He likes to roll the windows down, too. I think guys don't understand what that means for those of us with more hair...my hubs shaves his head.

    Great outfit, always, and the shoes are cute too but now I'm curious to see the ones you like even more!

  6. I wish I lived in a city where a 4 hour drive could get me somewhere interesting! Basically, I could get to Kansas City or Des Moines. Might as well just stay in Omaha!

  7. Ok I've been in love with those shoes since you first premiered them and would buy them in a heartbeat if we wore the same size. Now I'm super curious about the ones you like better! My boyfriend is such a calm driver, I get more nervous about other cars or large trucks than him! Oh but I feel you on the windows down thing. Guys will never understand what it's like to try and keep your done-up hair nice with the wind blowing all around it.

    This outfit screams Memorial Day weekend. Loving the bright red and bright blue.


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