Monday, January 9, 2012

Are those pajama pants?

So, a student said to me, "When I first saw you, I thought you were wearing pajama pants. I see those aren't pajama pants. They're really cool!" I own about five or more pairs of plaid pants. Plaid pants will never die as far as I'm concerned.

Black shirt is from Old Navy.

Plaid pants are a few years old; they're from Express. I love their business pants. So comfortable and last for-ev-er.

Belt is also several years old and from Express.

Meet my new, cute shoes from Macy's in NYC :) They're Marc Fisher. He makes awesome shoes; I especially love his sandals. I can't wait for spring/summer!

White sweater is from Express (a few years old).

I really did not want to have my picture taken, but I did it for the people who actually want to see my outfits. If any of you out there actually exist?

If you like my hair color and cut, see Andrea at Cavallaro and Company. She did my hair for my wedding, and she's been doing my hair for maybe five years? I love her!

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