Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Enter Jeff's contribution to my blog

Jeff's cell phone rang today. Officially, on January 30th, he's starting day shift for another position. Yay! I will finally, after six months of night shifts, have my husband. Let married life begin!

In today's video, Jeff is showcasing his push up skills, and Squirt is showcasing her creeper skills. I suppose Jeff is toning that sexy body for our much-anticipated mini trip to Florida in February. For you newly married women with husbands who want babies, I have an idea. Like me, you can hijack your reproductive system until your husband takes you on at least three trips/vacations. Hey, before my body transforms in ways I don't even want to fathom, I must make some romantic rendezvous with Jefferino.

Here are my terms:
1. The trips need to involve a plane ride.
2. The trips need to be at least three days.
3. One of the trips needs to be five days.
4. One of the trips needs to be either Bora Bora or Italy. (I'd prefer Italy, but I'll take Bora Bora.)
5. I can amend the terms at any given moment because I'm a woman, and I reserve that right.

I hope you enjoy our video today. It's slow to start because Squirt got camera shy, but it picks up. I promise.

Just so that you can understand how weird Squirt is, ANY time we lay on our stomachs, she has to situate herself between our legs. Here are some pictures of her at this very moment.
My butt makes a formidable pillow.

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