Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gina said I look like an '80s child

Cardigan is from Target. I always need an Eskimo number of layers at work. I never know if I'm going to feel prematurely menopausal or if I should dub myself the Ice Queen.

Black tank and gray suede wedges are also from Target. I did not realize until just now that I'm a walking Target ad. I just need some pants from there to seal the deal.

I was laughing at the dogs, and I'm now laughing at the huge lips to the right.

Pants from from Ann Taylor LOFT. I started working out on the elliptical and now they're loose. They're size zero. Feel free to hate me all you wish. I got some good genes (or corduroys). 

The silver belt, which you can't see too well, is from NY&Co. They have the coolest belts that are adjustable. I'm annoyed by belts with too much flapping at the end that still isn't long enough to tuck into a belt loop. These belts eradicate the problem. Genius.

I think you can understand why I posted this picture (for various reasons). In case you're unaware, allow me to enlighten you:
1. Look at the diva on the TV screen.
2. Roxy is beginning to love these daily photo shoots.
3. Look at my little antenna hairs sticking up in the back. I'm still 5 years old.

By the way, I'm not a huge fan of this outfit. I won't have a problem not wearing it again. Feel free to tell me how you'd make it better or if you're a weirdo and actually like it.

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