Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rockin' the plaid

I don't know about you, but I never know whether I'll be walking into a classroom, a sauna, or an ice box every day. Some days, the temperature shifts by the hour; I'm freezing in second period, and I'm sweating by fifth. Anyway, what does that mean? Since it feels a bit odd to wear my coat all day (which I've certainly done), I need to strategically layer so that I can quickly adapt.

The black jacket was on sale at White House Black Market (Momma and I love that store.)

The plaid ensemble is actually a sleeveless dress. It's Candie's brand from Kohl's; my momma bought it for me over a year ago, but I couldn't figure out how to wear it. Last night, as I planned my outfit for today, I had a brainchild. The off-white sheer shirt (also Candie's brand from Kohl's) came with a tank top sewn into it. I cut out the tank and slipped the sheer shirt over top of the dress. I then took the dress' belt and hooked it over top of the shirt. Ta da.

You can't see it so well, but my hair is back in this pseudo bun. I woke up late and needed a shower, but I had only two minutes to make something of my hair. (Food is way more important to me in the morning.) I threw it up in this styled pseudo bun that I constantly sported in high school. I received more compliments on that hair style than almost any other. So weird.

My boots, accented by the wonderful black dog toy, are from Macy's. They're meant for smaller calves like mine, yay. I find that many boots look funky on my legs because they balloon out. These books like my feet.

I need to get Jeff to take some more close-up pictures so that you can see jewelry, hair, and what not.

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