Monday, January 2, 2012

New year, new teacher?

 This picture is fantastic because the dogs decided to pose, too. Squirt's seductively looking over her shoulder, and Roxy lost one of her ears. Ever wonder what dogs would be like if they were people? I do. 

Anyway, the coat was on clearance at Marshall's. $56. I win. Jeff can attest to the fact that I covet all coats. Some girls fancy purses. I fancy clothing that keeps me warm. 

The tights have probably three runs in them, but I patched them up with clear nail polish. They're just on my butt (testament to how large my 'donk is?), so who cares?

The shoes are Jessica Simpson. I tell ya what. It's no big deal that she fell out of singing stardom because her true claim to fame is making wonderfully beautimous shoes on the cheap (without looking cheap).

Roxy loves her limelight. 

I look a bit like a deer in headlights, but no matter. The shirt was $20 at Express. Ohhh yeah. Who rocks the clearance rack? You bet I do.

I believe Roxy is growing a bit bored with all of these pictures.

The black bracelet is from NY&Co, the only reputable store in the pathetic excuse of a "mall" near me.

The necklace? Kohl's.

Roxy is so pooped that she decided to lay down. Such a hard life.

Oh, the skirt is from The Limited. They have the best pencil skirts.

Pencil skirts are perfect for tucking shirts (tucked-in shirts always sneak out of my pants, but they stay put in high-waisted skirts.)

TIP: The Limited gives a 15% discount to all teachers with an ID.

Other clothing stores that I frequent who also provide a teacher discount? Ann Taylor LOFT, J.Crew, NY&Co.

Honestly, just ask a place when you go to the counter. You might luck out.

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