Monday, January 30, 2012

The best dance partner is a furry one.

This picture makes me laugh because of Roxy's creepy little sneak attack in the corner of the shot. Do you like how we're both wearing the same colors, khaki and white? I thought you might.

Honestly, I should not have Jeff take my picture at night. After a long day at school, I look harried and wrinkled. (Well, my clothes look wrinkled; I look harried.) However, I look much like a zombie in the morning, so there's no good time for him to take my picture.

Also, why must I ask him to take my picture after I've eaten two helpings of lasagna? Not smart.


Squirty likes to dance with me and lick my fingers. She's my little bud.

Like our dining room? I especially like the enormous stack of papers at the end of the table. Classy.
I love this dog so much. Yes, I love Roxy too, but she doesn't cuddle up with me as much as Squirt does. 

Anyway, why are you here? You're here to know where I found these clothes. 
Pants and top on clearance at The Limited
The shoes are Jessica Simpson shoes. 
And, the necklace? Well, I am not entirely sure since I've had it for ages. Probably Kohl's
The belt is from NY & Co.

I'm thinking about purchasing off-white curtains for our sliding glass door in order to brighten things up a bit. What do you think?

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