Monday, June 11, 2012

Fiber Makes Me Saaaad.

Actually, it doesn't make me sad. 

In fact, I am alluding to one of my favorite commercials. I especially like the Youtube remix below:

It doesn't make me sad because it keeps me regular, and that makes me happy. I tell you what, the worst thing EVER is when you feel like a bear after hibernation. Whew, can you imagine what all those twigs and foliage do to a sphincter? Of course, I'd imagine you'd need a big, vegetational cotton ball to truncate the junk in your trunk while you slumber for an extended period of time. Still, if reincarnation exists, please don't let me die and come back as a bear. I couldn't bear to willingly constipate myself (bahaha, I'm so amused by my intentional pun.)

Anyway, this concoction should prevent you from feeling...stopped up? I use no measuring cups because I'm that lazy awesome. I'll just tell you what I dumped and poured into the blender.

Ingredients for Fibery Fun:
* Frozen strawberries
* Frozen blueberries
* Frozen mangos
* Agave nectar (low in the glycemic index but give it a nice little sweetness)
* Vanilla flavoring
* Almond milk (regular milk and I are not friends)

I used to put ice in the blender. Terrible idea. It constipates the blender, which is no bueno. Since the fruits are already frozen, who needs ice? Not me.

I drank it in two seconds (not actually because I didn't want a brain freeze to ruin the fibery fun), and if Jeff doesn't stop playing Call of Duty, I might take his smoothie away and finish it for him.

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