Sunday, June 17, 2012

Walking in a Wardrobe Wonderland: Part 1

So, I have been cleaning out my closet (no reference to Eminem there) since 8 this morning; it is now 2:50. Why is it taking so long, you ask? Well, I am trying everything on and making outfits. I already have three huge bags of clothes I plan to yard sale. I developed some systems that might work for you when you clean out your closet. I'll just talk about the dress situation.

Dress Situation: I own a lot of dresses. When I go shopping and see a dress, my brain says, "OH! An outfit all by itself; how handy!" I then drag it home to find that there is no room for this dress, or it sits in the closet in spite of its splendor. I needed a remedy. Here's what I came up with:

  1. If the dress is a little too short for my liking, I see if it can either 
    • Work as a shirt (tuck it into a skirt that's a little longer)
    • Work as a beach cover up
    • Work with leggings or tights (many of these end up in the fall/winter collection)
  2. If the dress has a weird top half, but I still like the bottom half, I see if it can work as just a skirt (either cut off the top OR just throw another top over the dress). For one of my dresses, it had this weird tank top as the top half, but there was an elastic band separating the top and bottom. I cut off the tank top, and I had a skirt :)  
The blue "top" is actually a dress. For some occasions, it's too short. If so, I can just throw a knee-length skirt over it!
Here's the same dress with a yellow skirt. I'm really in love with this pairing.
Woo, this dress is much too short, but I LOVE it. I threw a fun black skirt over it, and ta da. Please don't mind my creepy pooch in the background. She has a staring problem. 

When I want to see whether or not I still think about an item of clothing, I put it in my office's closet. If I go back to it, then it's a keeper. It regains its residence in my bedroom closet.

However, some things I like, but I just haven't given them a fair chance. Today, I've given many of them a chance. I tried to pair them with something that I knew I already liked and wore. Here are some of my findings.

1. Blue sleeveless sweater (odd ball) with khaki skinny jeans (love 'em). I liked the pairing, but this sweater is still on probation.

 2. Blue tank top (odd ball) with standard brown/khaki shorts. I like this pairing too, but it's kind of boring. I need some ideas here.

3. Teal shirt (odd ball) with my favorite white skirt. This teal shirt can still live because I really love it with the skirt. It's a keeper.

4. Blue and white blouse (odd ball) with standard navy blue shorts. This outfit works. I think I'll keep it.

5. Okay, this was the weirdest one. I kind of hated this top because it came with these weird jewels attached to it, but I couldn't seem to get rid of it. Today, I decided to take off the weird necklace/jewels (they weighed down the top of the shirt, which was uncool) and pair the shirt with a necklace that I love. BAM! I now love the top. It's so soft. Mmmm. 

6. Geometric tank top (very wonderful, silky fabric...ahhhh...but an odd ball) paired with good ol' white shorts and matching blue cardigan. Originally, the shirt was not tucked in. Once I tucked it in and added the cobalt blue belt, I loved the outfit. See? Some clothes just need a little extra thought. I feel nautical without wearing stripes, which is good considering I have WAY too many articles of striped clothing.

 7. Navy and white polka dot shirt (odd ball) with white shorts. This top has a weird cut. I think it might not survive, but I'll give it a month.

8. Teal shirt (odd ball) with favorite khaki skirt. This outfit makes me want to go to work.

9. Neither of these is an odd ball, but I wanted to shake it up. I like the cobalt pants with this shirt.

10. I revived this frock, and I'm quite glad that I did. It's comfortable, light, and quite perfect for the Bahamas.

11. I just decided to find out how many shirts could go with purple shorts. I liked this top the best.

12. These shorts needed a longer top. I do believe this one fits the bill. 

13. I was going to pitch this top, but I rather like it with this outfit. I'll see what else I can do with it. Still on probation. 

14. Revived this tube top. Not sure how I feel about the white flyaway cardigan. Big fan of the coral belt.

15. I think I like the top better with this cardigan. Maybe I'll try white shorts, black cardigan, this top, and the same coral belt. Hmmm. Off probation.

16. I liked 'em both, so I put them together. Really comfortable. How can I go wrong with red and white?

17. I'm on safari, and I'm never coming home. (No, I'm not already standing in my bedroom.)

18. Without the jacket...

19. A little boring with brown shorts

20. Brown shorts, you still stand a chance. 

21. These pants still stand a chance, but they're sort of capris. I don't know how I feel about that. They're SO old. Maybe 10 years old, hahaha.

Have a favorite? Have ideas for better outfit pairings? Get any inspiration? I'm already inspired to finish cleaning out my closet. Thanks for joining me! 

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