Saturday, June 2, 2012

Owl-Shaped Baby Shower Invite

So, you probably saw my baby shower ditty. Well, now that Jess has officially received her invitation, I'll show you the invitation itself. Owls may or may not be making an appearance in the decoration of the baby's room, so I wanted the invitation to reflect that, especially since Jess plans to put the invitation in the baby book. I cannot have some half-assed job in a keepsake book. Not that I really make a habit of half-assing much of anything. However, I wanted this little dear to be as cute as possible.

I used no template. I made my own. I looked up (and looked up and looked up and looked up) pictures of owls. Using those pictures as inspiration, I crafted this little imperfect beauty. 

The ribbon was a last minute touch. What do you think?

I rather like animal-shaped invitations. They make me happy. 
Almost as happy as googly eyes make me.

Note: The starbursts do not exist past Picasa. I needed to edit the photos so that no one could see any of my identifying information. Whew.

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