Wednesday, December 5, 2012

DIY Fashion for You or a Lady You Know

Since I suffered from an allergic reaction and also fell down the stairs, I am lounging around in my sweats today, so I have no outfit for you; however, I wanted to share some tutorials with you that I plan to try. 

I thought, if you were feeling crafty, they might be cute ideas for homemade holiday gifts for the females whom you love!

At the end of this post, I list a few more gift ideas. Enjoy!

Idea #1: The Bubble Necklace 
(over $100 at J.Crew, but not nearly so much if you make it)

Tutorial here.

I love all of the necklaces from the previous one (so much inspiration), but I think this tutorial is clearer. 

Idea #2: Legwarmers
Sure, you can buy some boot socks for someone, but if you know their favorite colors or you want to add some pizzazz with buttons, this tutorial could be handy.

I like this tutorial.

I like her colors, and I agree that finding the cute sweater at a thrift store is a great idea.

Idea #3: A Skirt or a Maxi Dress

A skirt is self explanatory, but maybe you can pick a print that reminds you of your friend and sew it for them. Of course, you have to get their measurements. I don't know how you feel about that. I don't know how I feel about that. 
I like this one. (circle skirt)

 And this high-waisted sash skirt.

Maybe you love maxi dresses, or maybe you know a lady who's pregnant and wants everything that equals comfort. A maxi dress might just be the ticket. 

If you go here, this one has a lot of different options and tutorials.

Additionally, I have checked out some of my favorite females' Pinterest boards for gift ideas. I figure if they like it enough to pin it, and I like it enough to repin it, then I could make it/buy it for them. :)

Other Gift Ideas:

1. Buy her an item of clothing and then print pictures of ways that she can style it. Print something classic, something edgy/fun/flirty, and something casual. 
Bonus point: know what she already has in her closet so that she can style it with what she already owns.
Example of a blogger who styled one item three ways.

2. Print nail tutorials (or just pictures for inspiration) and buy her the colors/supplies that she needs to make it happen.
This site  has a lot of cool ideas!

3. If you get her a gift card, print out some pictures of things that reminded you of her and tell her to choose her own adventure. (Tell me you remember those books!)

4. Make her something like this. 
(not fashion, but so cute.)

Feel free to comment with some fun gift ideas (Christmas or otherwise, of course). I hope you find this post useful :) 

I'll do another post on non-fashion things to gift your friends/family members.

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