Monday, December 3, 2012

Mrs. Green Jeans (with a little navy and gold)

Today, a student told me that the story I told to explain the importance of research was really good. Then, in all seriousness, he started to clap for me. That was the highlight of my day. Later, a student asked me why I'm not as cool as my brother. That was not the highlight of my day.

I understand that I will never be as cool as my brother is, but I will always be more stylish. I love him, but his style consists of the same Nike hat in at least three different colors. 
At least I have one thing going for me. (Though I am guilty of buying the same article of clothing in more than one color. However, I have gotten much better with that problem.)

One teacher told me that her students referred to me as the pretty, stylish, young teacher. Even if I suck at my job, at least I look good sucking at it. Another teacher told me his junior girls were all a twitter about my dark hair. Supposedly, they like the new 'do. Another student asked me if I could be her personal stylist. Needless to say, I was feeling it today. I kicked today's ass despite my not being as cool as my older brother. 

How did you own today?

 Had today not been a bloated day, I might have tucked in my shirt and sported a belt. However, today was bloat city. No tucking or belting for me. Oh, and no pants without spandex either.

 I should probably buy an undershirt shirt that more closely matches the off-white color of this top.

 Shirt: Marshalls (recent--$15)
Navy blazer: Marshalls (recent--$25)
Pants: Gap ($30? I can't remember, but well worth the price!)
Shoes: Target ($15, on sale)

Restyling Idea (for shirt) #1
Tuck in shirt (if I'm not bloated next time)
Wear with khaki circle skirt
Wear with nude heels
Wear with same navy blazer or a red blazer

Restyling Idea (for blazer) #2:
Wear with gray or khaki pants
Tuck in white shirt
Sport a brown, braided belt or a gold one
Put on some brown, suede wedges or plaid flats

How would you have restyled this outfit? I'm curious

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