Monday, December 17, 2012

Layering for NY

Saw the funniest sticker people on our drive to NY.
In case you can't read it, the captions say "me" and "your mom."

When we went to the Bahamas this past June, we met a really fun couple from NY. We friended each other on good ol' Facebook and kept in touch that way. Well, this past weekend, Jeff and I decided to visit them. They were such wonderful hosts, and I feel like I really experienced NYC! What an exciting, bustling place. It's so contrary to our bedroom community in Podunk, U.S.A.
That trip ranks as one of my favorite weekend trips...ever. 
Great company makes for great fun.

Here we are on the hunt for flavored popcorn. I think I nearly ran smack into a stranger because I was giggling over a dog who was showering his owner with kisses.

We saw the reconstruction of the Twin Towers. 
So impressive.
So humbling.

Jeff wanted a picture of us walking, so here we are. Girls might never be the first to get ready, but we're always the first who's ready for a picture. I know you love how Amanda's and my pants are Christmas colors. 

Jeff snapped this picture before he asked the cops if he could photograph their van's suspension. Good grief, what a motor head.

We saw the tree.

On the subway, we listened to an a cappella group tap their feet and sing wonderfully. They made my day. I think they noticed how pitifully excited I was because one of them stopped to hand me a pamphlet about them as they travelled down the subway car. They're called Made Over. Check them out on YouTube. Awesome sauce.

Before we hopped on the subway, we saw a real, live, foot-long RAT! Actually, I'm thinking that the R.O.U.S. is not just fabricated by William Goldman for The Princess Bride. That rat was an R.O.U.S.

Like ten feet from us, we saw a fight in Times Square. Group of guys in track suits throwing roundhouse punches at each other. It was simultaneously comical and frightening. The one cop was trying to subdue them with mace. I think more of it ended up floating in the atmosphere than in any one guy's eyes. Jeff had his coat ready to tuck me inside and protect me from the spray. The last thing we need is to find out how allergic I am to mace. 

We saw all of the crazy people dressed up for santacon. Amanda's and my favorite was a girl dressed up like a who. Her hair was fantastic! 

Oh, and I got to see Grand Central Station.
I finally know what my mom always meant when she said a place was as busy as Grand Central Station.
Look at that silly, little grin on my face.

I layered appropriately...for once.
Coat: Forever 21
Hat, Gloves, & Scarf: Target
 I wore a camel-colored turtleneck from The Limited, but you cannot see it.
Pants: H&M 
Boots: Diba from DSW
Purse: Naturalizer

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