Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mustard Jeans

When I saw a previous student after school today, he said, "that's an interesting shade of orange you have on your pants." I explained that they were mustard, not orange. He informed me that he's never liked mustard. I thought about saying I've never liked him (just to be a smart aleck), but that would've been a lie, so I said, "That's nice. I like my pants, and that's all that matters." I sure showed him.

P.S. I had to confirm the spelling of "aleck." 

My students love to mess with my name. 
They tell me my Twitter handle should be "wo wo wo your boat."
Things are now "wonificent" and "worific." 
I've also been added to the Urban dictionary; I haven't confirmed that entry yet, so I don't know exactly how they defined me. I should probably be worried.

 Today, a student said, "Ms. Wo, I was in the mall yesterday, and when I went into one of the stores, I said, 'this store is so Ms. Wo.'" 
Apparently, he was in LOFT. Dang, that kid really does know my style, especially since the shirt I'm wearing today is from the LOFT. 
The reviews online said that it's constricting in the shoulders. When I tried it on in NYC, I had no shoulder issues. Looks like my shoulder are much smaller than the average bear's.
 Bluebee wanted in the picture, too. 

Please enjoy the following picture of my insanely attractive husband.
He's donning the new hat that my mom made for me. 
Isn't he pretty?

Blazer: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's 
Top: LOFT (current)
Pants: Target 
Red Wedges: Mix No. 6 via DSW
Bracelet: Modcloth


  1. I love your mustard pants with the printed top

  2. That blouse is perfect with the mustard pants! And the pic of your husband is too funny :)

    The Other Side of Gray


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