Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What's in a name?

Yesterday, I snuck it in that my middle name is Danielle. You see, my first name is Heather, but only my flamboyant music teacher in second grade and one of my brother's creepy friends in high school ever called me by the name. Mom and Dad knew from day one that they'd call me Danielle. Mom, however, believes that Heather Danielle has a certain ring to it that Danielle Heather just does not. Dad picked Heather, and Mom picked Danielle in an attempt to name me after Dad whose name is Danny. She argued that she would never name her son "Danny Ray Jr.," so here I am. A Danielle who thinks poop stories and fart jokes are funny.

I guess I should be grateful that Dad prevented Mom from making her first choice: Sammy Jo. I'm from a county affectionately dubbed "Cow" County, so I cannot imagine the overall covered life I could have led as Sammy Jo. (Granted, overalls are making a huge fashion splash these days.) Thankfully for Mom, she can rest easily now that she has a puppy named Sammy.

When I finally change my last name--I realize we are on year three of marriage, but it took him seven to pop the question, which means I can take my sweet time changing names--my maiden name will become my new middle name.

There you have it.

Come back tomorrow, and I will share with you some BIG news. News that makes me look way cooler than I am in real life.

The Look:
Blazer: Express (SO VERY OLD--I had to cut off the "straps" that came with it. So weird.)
Shirt: The Limited (similar
Skirt: LOFT (exact)
Shoes: J.Crew Factory (really comfortable...I want them in black.)
Necklace: The Limited 

Once again, I am participating in Sarah's April Challenge and today's theme is lace. 
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  1. Ahh that blazer is pink seersucker! How cool! Also I want one of those skirts. I think we all have one of those funny "I could have been named..." stories. Mine? If I was a boy my father wanted to name me Wolfgang. Seriously.

  2. I love all the pink in this! All the shades really go well together.

  3. Wait a second, that blazer had straps?? Where on earth would they have put the straps and what use would they be? To keep it closed? Such old technology over here.

    I loved hearing your name story. I don't really know how I was named. My mom used to tell me that she wanted a name that couldn't be given a nickname. And because of that, I've always been sad to not have one. Sure there Ren like from Even Stevens or Lo like your girl LC but they just don't really fit me. A coworker friend calls me LiLo but not quite sure where she came up with that haha. That skirt is adorable by the way. I'm curious about those wedges but wish I could try them on first since JCrew doesn't offer free returns. They look so gorgeous!

  4. I love hearing name stories. Mine is a name sake for Virginia, but it's just Ginny on my birth certificate. I have been asked what it's "short for" my entire life.....
    I'm excited to find out about your news. The anticipation might just kill me.

  5. Great story about your name first of all. I prefer Danielle to Heather, actually. Plus I feel like it suits you better. This Pink Outfit is so pretty. I love each piece especially the Skirt, Necklace & Shoes.

    I'd love for you to stop by when you get a chance and see how I am remixing my closet because I am doing the 30 for 30 challenge.

    Last but not least, you got me intrigued about your news tomorrow. Hmmm, I think I might have an idea what lol. =)

    Happy Hump Day Heather.... er Danielle!

  6. I love name stories. I think yours is a great one, and I think you ended up with a very lovely name. My name story is that my middle name is my grandmother's maiden name, and also my older daughter's middle name. My grandmother is from Scotland and immigrated here at age 19 after she married my grandfather, with whom she had been on only 3 dates total. Pretty incredible. And they were married over 50 years, until he passed away. Even though my grandmother and I also have the same first name, I am not actually named after her. None of our names are "Danny". :-) Danny was actually a dog we had who was very sweet. So now you also know where my screen name came from. Danny. Scotland. Hey, it was available and didn't require me to add a bunch of numbers to the end.

  7. Oooh I like the pink-on-pink - it's so cute!

    I love hearing name stories! Was it annoying in school that you went by your middle name? Asking for future children naming purposes... Also, when you change your maiden name to your middle name, will you change Danielle to your first name and lose Heather all together or have four names? Just curious, because you know, I love name stories! I changed my maiden name to my middle name and I am so glad I did!

  8. That skirt is so perfect.

    I'm so glad they decided to call you Danielle instead. It just suits you so much better than Heather! My mom wanted to name me Gabrielle so she could call me Gabby, but my dad didn't like it. She also tried to name my sister Gabrielle, but my step dad also didn't like it. They had Danielle and Amber picked out for me, and my mom said I just didn't look like an Amber when I was born!

    Can't wait to hear you're big news! I'm one for guessing, so I'm going to gues... teacher of the year?

  9. I'm intrigued: where were the straps on this blazer?! I was going to make my maiden name my middle name, but I decided against it. I've never had a middle name, and I wanted to keep it that way. Sometimes I feel bad that I always go by my nickname (that I created for myself in second grade), but I think that's a weird thing to get guilty about? Eh. Love your skirt! is that the big news? That you're going to give me this skirt? ha.

  10. I love this outfit!!! I would have never guessed that your middle name was Danielle! That's such a cool history of being named after your dad :) I've always had trouble with people pronouncing and spelling my last name correctly. Ha! I'm ready for a new last name any day now haha!

  11. Yeah, I need more information about the blazer straps! I don't even understand what was going on there. Names are so interesting, too. My mom wanted to name me "Kyla Marie" and when I was younger I would get really upset, because that's such a cool name, and I hated "Andrea" so much! But I've been Andi as long as I can remember, except for a few teachers and my brother who insisted on calling me by my real name. Now one of my nieces calls me Aunt Andrea, and it's pretty sweet.

  12. I am a huge, huge, huge name nerd (Kev and I already have our child's name picked out, and I have a solid list of dream names that I'd loved to have used if we were going to have more than just one kiddo), so I LOVE hearing people's name stories. I'm so glad you go by Danielle - I like it a lot and it totally suits you. Have you ever had people call you "Dani?" Just curious. Maybe I should start going by my middle name...Ashley...NOPE. I'm a Brynn fo sho. I was almost either Brenna Jo or Gillian Claire (like Jillian). Glad I got Brynn :)


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