Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What to wear when it's hot, but you don't want to look like a hot mess.

How's that for a verbose title? Anyway, this week's edition of "What to wear when it's hot, but you don't want to look like a hot mess" features two tips: not-your-standard cuts and unexpected prints. Could I have worn a white shirt with regular pink shorts? Absolutely. However, I like to add a bit of visual interest when I can. (I'm a big believer in "wear at least one statement piece a day so that it revs up the entire outfit's awesomeness.") I love these shorts from LOFT that I bought last year; my favorite feature is that they're not your typical stripes. They've got a bit of a tribal feel to them, no? Plus, the color combination (white, navy, orange, and pink) makes them so much more versatile than you'd give them credit for in the store.

I wanted to pair the shorts with something a bit unexpected (i.e. not my usual white tee from Target), so I opted for this white peplum with a fun zipper detail. When I unpacked more of my shoes from last year (I wasn't sure if the weather would actually let me have spring/summer, so I hadn't switched my shoes over completely), I found these orange sandals that I forgot existed. How insane of me, right?

Yesterday, I paired yellow with this same shade of pink. Today, I opted for orange thanks to the color combination of the shorts. Look, Mom, I can get dressed without Pinterest! Actually, I haven't really been on Pinterest for maybe two months? (Just the periodic "I'm bored while blow drying my hair" moments.) I can actually dress myself now. Can you believe it? I never thought the day would come that I wouldn't rely on Pinterest at least twice a week to dress myself.

P.S. Can the World Cup please end? I want to watch my Game of Thrones finale, but EVERYTHING I want to watch takes the backseat to a bunch of dudes skittering around a plot of grass. However, a few notes: one, futbol players are so much hotter than football players (I could stare at the Italians forever); two, it's only every four years; three, my husband does not watch football, so I can be sort of okay with soccer; five, I actually understand soccer for the most part. I feel like football stops so many times for random things (and stops for what feels like forever), and I never understand why it's stopped. If I have to struggle THAT hard to understand something someone else is doing, I can't scrounge up a shred of care. Soccer, on the other hand, is just two 45 minute halves with some injury time tacked on the end. When someone fouls someone else, they get to kick toward the goal or throw the ball in from the sideline. No crazy plays (except for some awesome head butting and scissor kicking of the ball) and no never-ending time outs. I guess it's not that bad, but shhh, don't tell my husband.

The look:
Top: New York & Co.
Shorts: LOFT
Shoes: Franco Sarto (LOVE HIS SHOES) via Marshall's
Necklace: Old Navy


  1. This is really cute! And super easy to recreate.

  2. Perfect summer look! The Game of Thrones finale was good, you'll have to tell me what you think once you finally get to watch it :)

  3. Phew! I was afraid I was going to have to smack you upside the head for not liking the World Cup. I love being able to watch this much soccer (don't have cable, but can watch ESPN through the X-Box), especially when the only other alternatives are golf or baseball. Anyway. I have a navy peplum top like this you have convinced me to try with shorts. Whether it makes it to the blog or not... well, that is another question.

  4. I love Franco Sarto, too, and these are another winner!


  5. Totally adorbs girl :) I love your rule about one statement piece per outfit--thinks it makes a huge difference! And I feel your pain--I spent all night with the guys watching soccer--not my idea of an ideal evening hehe especially when there is Orange is the New Black episodes to binge on!


  6. Those shorts are definitely cute! I am ready for the World Cup to be over, too, but it won't really matter at my house. Whatever season it is, there will be some kind of sports playing on every television in our house. There are four downstairs, no lie. (I'm serious. There are 2 in the living room and 2 in Bill's man cave. He watches them both at the same time, and usually has all four of them on at the same time) (I know, it's crazy!)

  7. Love this outfit. Do I say that everyday? Probably, but it's true. If you would start wearing ugly stuff sometimes, I could have more interesting comments. Anyway, I don't really get soccer (don't tell Kate!), so I just watch Netflix on the computer if my husband is watching the world cup!

  8. Those shorts are adorable!! Have they made an appearance on the blog? I don't remember them and I'm sure I would. And hey, hidden forgotten-about shoes are always a day brightener! Oh, and you NEED to watch the GoT finale ASAP. Crazy good episode!

  9. What's reason number four?! Haha I need to know! I'd be going a little OCD crazy about it if I weren't so distracted by this adorable outfit! I love that you switched things up with this peplum top. It looks perfect with these shorts!

  10. Danggg, I really like this outfit, Danielle! I agree with you about trying to wear at least one statement piece each day for the visual interest. Every piece of your outfit is slightly unexpected in the best way, and it all flows together perfectly. You are just so cute!!


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