Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Every one an outtake.

My face looks ridiculous in every picture featuring this outfit, but here I am just hanging out in my shoe-inspired outfit. Showing you what I've got. Last week, I struggled to think of a Saturday--or was it Sunday?--outfit. I then decided on choosing a pair of shoes as the focal point. Luckily, these wedges snuck their way out of storage recently. The pattern and colors entice me, but these wedges are not made for walking long hours. Essentially, they serve as let's-go-on-a-short-date shoes, not let's-walk-in-them-all-over-creation-in-them shoes. Anyway, don't you just love having a piece in your closet that helps you choose the rest of your outfit? Honestly, I might not have thought to pair these colors (orange, red, white, and brown) without the help of these wedges. 

Originally, the sleeveless sweater was not a part of this look; however, I think it adds a bit of dimension and contrast, no?

Lordy, my legs are pasty. Don't stare too long. If someone smacks you in the back of your head, the image will forever be imprinted on your retinas.

The Look:
Sleeveless cardigan: Gap Outlet
Shorts: Old Navy (they're the 3" ones, not the 5")
Shirt: White House Black Market 
Wedges: Rocket Dog via DSW 
Necklace: Old Navy

Most of these items are pretty old, but I found other ways that I've worn the shirt:

And the sleeveless cardigan:

The necklace is relatively recent, so I have two looks featuring it:


  1. Wow these wedges are amazing! They are definitely one of those statement pieces that you build the rest of a look around. I love that you added the sleeveless cardigan to the look too! And if you want to feel better about the shade of your legs, just take a quick glimpse at what I've been reflecting in my shorts these days.

  2. I think the sleeveless sweater was a great addition! It definitely adds some interest to the outfit. I have something similar that I haven't worn in a long time, I'll have to pull it out one of these days. Also, I was really tempted to hit myself on the back of the head just to test whether or not the image of your legs really would be imprinted on my retinas. I didn't, though.

  3. I adore these shoes! It's a good thing you don't teach next door because I'd steal them off your feet ;)

  4. Hahahaahaha you my friend, are hilarious. I love that you can laugh at yourself and create an outtake post. Honestly, if it wasn't for the title, I wouldn't have even noticed. I was too distracted by your killer shoes! I'm surprised they hurt because I thought Rocket Dogs were comfortable. Then again, the crochet flats I have only have a bit of soft padding along the bottom instead of your typical rubber sole...

  5. I am smitten with this outfit - planning an outfit around a fun pair of shoes like this is a great idea, by the way! I have a newish pair of floral sneakers that are super fun to plan outfits around :) The colors here are wonderful, and the addition of the sleeveless cardigan (sweater vest??) was so smart!


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