Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pardon my face.

Although this outfit screams comfortable and cute, every single picture's ridiculousness pays it no justice. Oops. Sorry about my face. And my antics.

I wore this outfit a week or two ago. Today, another teacher and I are playing twinsies. (Don't worry; I'll show you pictures of that cuteness in the future.) We both have the same Lauren Conrad blouse; mine is coral, and hers is white. Since we're class sponsors for the incoming freshmen, we have to speak with them during the assembly when they visit the school tomorrow. My colleague and I plan to be the most dynamic of all the dynamic duos. As such, we must dress the part. We are wearing our matching blouses, dark skinny jeans, and leopard print shoes. Matching class sponsors? It gets no cooler, folks.

By the way, I keep seeing fellow teacher bloggers post about being out of school. Guess when school ends for us? June 20th. Hooray. Student projects for the win. By the end of the year, I want them to learn, but I am a realist. I know full well that I cannot lecture/do a song and dance/stand on my head. Instead, I must make them do it. That's why my sophomores are writing and delivering speeches or parodies, and my juniors are engaging in a rousing debate. Let's see what these kiddies learned.

Speaking of kiddies, if you haven't already voted for my student to become a blogger to watch for Teen Vogue, vote for her here by clicking on the heart in the upper left of the picture. I'd love to see such a deserving teenager win! (She writes really well, which I think is a dying art in the let-me-post-my-thoughts-online world. Thanks for that, autocorrect and spell check.)

The Look:
Cardigan: Express (it's actually the blue version of yesterday's yellow version)
Shirt: Banana Republic (I want more like it, but it's old. I love that it's short sleeved!)
Jeans: The Limited
Shoes: J.Crew Factory  
Earrings: Francesca's

Look at the octopus hair! WEEEEEEE!
(Also, I wanted to show you a close up of my new earrings.)


  1. June 20th. Urg. If it makes you feel better, we go back August 5th...

  2. You are seriously the cutest! And don't feel alone, we are in school until the 20th, too (obviously since I teach in MD as well).

  3. Wow! June 20th! Hang in there, trooper! If I were you, I'd probably just show episodes of Law & Order: SVU ... and mix that up with a Disney movie here and there. I mean, it's all spoken in English, so that's right up your alley, right? Totally justifiable :)

  4. Yeah I've been SHOCKED that all these teacher bloggers are already done with school! We were always in school until the middle of June, none of this early May nonsense! Hang in there, you're in the final stretch!

    I bet it's frustrating as a teacher at the end of the year with all the students already practicing summer laziness before summer ACTUALLY starts and trying to get them to stay focused or complete assignments.

    Your faces are the best. I love the huge variety of looks your face makes when you're taking pictures. I try to imagine the dialogue going on between you and your mom to bring those faces out.

  5. Oh wow, do you usually go that late into June or is it because of all the snow this year? We had most of our snow days built into the year, so we did not get a spring or Easter break but we only had to tack on 2 more days to the end of the school year. I can't wait to see your twinning outfits, they sound great! Oh, and I'm loving this look right here, I'm totally going to copy it!

  6. You are the best! Silly photos are awesome! And holy cow - June 20th is late!!! I feel like they are just dragging the school year out slowly so no one will notice when it becomes a year-round thing. So tricky.

  7. Bahaha, you remain the cutest/funniest blogger of all time, Danielle. Also, this outfit of yours is SO perfect! Dang, I thought our schools got done late here in Minnesota - we got done yesterday and our district was one of the latest ones around here. When does your school year start??


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