Monday, June 16, 2014

Unexpected Inspiration: Hair & Toes

At first, I considered not writing a post about the outfit that I already posted on Instagram this morning, and then I realized how often I see outfies (outfit selfies, it'll eventually catch on) that I wish I could see as something other than an itty, bitty Instagram shot. Had I not loved today's outfit so much, I would've left you to your own Insta-devices, but this color combination and print have me rather smitten. Plus, maybe, like me, you want to see larger shots of Instagram outfies. 

Let's talk about that post title up there for a moment. This morning, I did not want to shower. (Oh, please, don't act like you shower every day. I will wash my feet before yoga tonight; don't worry.) First, I washed my face, which required this headband because my bangs do this let's-play-octopus-tentacles thing. I decided that my hair looked halfway decent pulled back and strapped in with this headband, so I began to hunt for something in my closet that went with it. (My head is oddly shaped, so headbands usually fly off my head within five minutes. Since my brain cooperated with me this morning, I thought of a genius idea: bobby pin the bottom of the headband to my hair. IT WORKED. Where has this brilliance been all of my life?) Anyway, enter Maxi Dress Monday, the best idea if I ever did hear of one (better than a bobby pin strapping a headband to my head). This dress has been taunting me for awhile now, and I finally gave in to it. It's pretty perfect with the headband, no?

Originally, I threw on a white cardigan because the dress would otherwise be inappropriate for work. And then I looked at my feet. I realized that the lovely pink color I painted on my toes yesterday served as a fun pairing with the yellow. "Aha!" I said to myself. "Let's put on the pink cardigan." I knew I made a good choice when my husband declared how much he liked my "sundress" (we'll let him have it--God love him for trying), a colleague called me a "Grecian goddess," and my co-teacher commented, "I never would've thought to put those colors together, but I love it." All before 7:30 in the morning. Way to make a girl who didn't shower this morning feel awesome about her hygienic neglect. 

Riddle me this: what are some of the odd places you've found sartorial inspiration?

The Look:
Sandals: Enzo Angiolini via Marshall's
Cardigan: Banana Republic via thredUP
Dress: LOFT outlet (last year for $20!)
Necklace: Boutique 
Headband: Walmart
Earrings: Old Navy

The nail polish is from my aunt, and it's by Ulta. My Mom loved it so much that she found an Essie look-alike called bachelorette bash (I think that was the name). 


  1. I love this outfit and am glad you did a whole post. It's fun to hear how other people go about the business of getting dressed in the morning. I have many odd inspirations like that.

  2. Ok, you are definitely not the only one not to shower everyday. Unless I worked out or did something physical, I think going a day without is perfectly acceptable. So no worries there. I find it interesting how people dream up their outfits. The fact that the sheer (shear?) act of washing your face led to the entire outfit. I'm glad you decided to go with the pink cardigan. You look incredibly bright and cheerful today :)

  3. Oh I'm gad you gave this outfie more attention, I loved it when I saw it on IG this morning. Everything about it is just so pretty! The pink and yellow combination is just perfect. And you aren't the only one with an odd-shaped head; I've always got to bobby pin down my elastic headbands too!

  4. I rarely check other people's instagrams (not having one myself), so I'm glad you put together a post! I've never used bobby pins to keep my headbands in place, but that's a great idea!

  5. I really like this dress and can't believe you are still in school. It's pure madness. As for Instagram, I feel like I have some blog crossover, but I think I have a lot of people who simply follow me on Instagram so I never feel bad about putting an outfit on Instagram and on the blog. When it's cute, it's cute.

  6. I love this outfit. The colors are perfect together. I have issues with headbands, too. The stretchy kind don't stay on my head either, so feel better: you aren't the only one with a weird shaped head. Also, I do not shower every single day either. I usually do, but sometimes, quite frankly, I am just too dang tired. But most days I do, because it's my break from the kids in the evening when my patience is worn clean out and I'm ready to scream right back at the two-year-old (a tactic that does not work well for either of us). And yes, I shower at night.

    I wish I had a dress like this one. It's so pretty. I love yellow and white, and I really love it with the pink cardigan.

  7. I have an itty bitty head, so those all-the-way-around headbands never stay on my head either :( And I am one of those weirdies who showers every wakes me up, and I sometimes have ridiculous hair in the mornings, haha. I ADORE your dress - I'm hot and cold about maxi dresses, but yours is stunning, and I love it with the pink! I've never thought to base an outfit off my nail polish...great idea!!


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