Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cover the mess. Don't worry about cleaning it.

These sandals don't match my skirt like they thought I would, and I didn't realize it until I saw them in pictures. Fear not. I opted for brown ones instead. Even though these are supremely comfortable. I almost presented you with pictures that showed no trace of my ill-matched sandals, but we're about full transparency on this blog.

Or are we?

The thing about this skirt is that it used to be a maxi dress, but the top half was an awkwardly cut halter. I loved the print, so I decided to grab some elastic and sew in a waistband. I made a terrible mess of things (we're talking seriously hideous seaming) and felt no desire to fix my mistakes. Ultimately, I decided that I wanted to wear a belt with the skirt anyway, which means I covered up the hot mess of a waistband. Problem solved. No one but you, me, and the internet know this secret. I guess the belt knows, too. If belts could know things.

And now you know that posting pictures of your outfits on the internet is about covering up the messes (such as poorly sewn waistbands), not cleaning them up (unless you consider the sandals a failed cover up). I'm not even sure my words are words anymore.

Feel free to distract yourself with the pretty print of my maxi dress turned skirt.

The Look:
Skirt: used to be a dress from Kohl's--no idea which brand
Poorly Hidden Sandals: Franco Sarto via TJ Maxx
Shirt: Target (my very favorite tees!)
Necklace: Sonoma via Kohl's (I bought the necklace stacked. It's only one, not two.)


  1. This skirt is so pretty! I probably would not have thought to chop it into a dress, so that was smart thinking. Also, good idea to just cover up your handiwork with the belt; you are one smart cookie!

  2. Totally cute! I'm impressed that you can sew at all (considering I couldn't if I tried)!

  3. That print is AMAZING, so it was definitely worth keeping the bottom half! When I destroy things during "alterations" I have to get my Mom to fix it. She's got some serious mistake fixing skills!

    dash dot dotty

  4. I think you are one of the only people who can pull off the big belt. I have one from The Limited that I've never been able to make look quite right. I would never have guessed there was anything hiding under the belt, but maybe that's what makes yours that much more magical?

  5. This is what worries me about trying to learn how to alter clothes on my own. I took a year-long sewing class during my sophomore year of high school, so like 8 years ago and I havent dusted off my sewing machine since. At the time of my newly teen-aged youth, I had a very difficult time keeping my seams straight. Now as a 23 year old, I'm still worried my keeping-the-seams-straight skills will remain the same. But then I look at tutorials like yours and think that I can and should at LEAST try to learn such a precious skill. And if it doesn't turn out, well again I can turn to you for ideas on how to cleverly disguise said seams.
    I'm glad you decided to keep the dress even though you didn't care for the dress and kept the skirt version even though the seams didn't turn out flawlessly. The pattern is gorgeous and colors go so well together. I wouldn't have even thought twice about the sandals!

  6. Love the pattern of that dress-turned-maxi skirt. Good choice keeping it and you are being harsh about the turquoise sandals. They are cute and I think that Green (any shade of it really) compliments Blue (in any shade as long as the green and blue don't look too much of the same like let's say bright green and teal - which yours are not the same) very very much.

    All caught up with you and your lovely blog now. Wishing you a great week ahead - your last school week!! YEAAAAYYY!!


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