Thursday, June 19, 2014

Victory Naps & Disgusting Dressing Rooms

Yesterday, I came home from work and finished grading 18 essays (comments included!) in two and a half hours. In the 90 degree heat, I took a victory nap while wearing long sleeves, pants, and fuzzy slippers. No, I did not break a sweat, but I think I ate a bug, which rudely disrupted my slumber. (Well, that and one of my dogs kept coming over to me and licking my face while I slept.) If my body decided to continue adjusting so well to the heat, I would be wholly grateful. I would think this experience a fluke if not for the fact that my classroom has been so warm that a student nearly vomited from heat exhaustion and everyone is complaining about the heat. Everyone except for me. So, yeah, body, if you could continue to cooperate in such a pleasant, unexpected way, I will forgive you for being uncooperative in many other ways.

Speaking of heat, what better way to beat the heat than in this perfect striped dress? It's got sleeves! (I am beginning to value this quality as much as pockets.) Also, I decided that a denim vest is the perfect complement to an outfit worn in the heat. I searched for a vest for awhile, but all of them gape in the armpits, a problem I have with so many sleeveless items. Who has big armpits!? I am befuddled. Anyway, I peeped this beauty in Kohl's when Mom and I went in bearing a 30% off coupon and some Kohl's credit. Thanks, Lauren Conrad, this vest fits just right, and it came home with the dress. Look at what a perfect pair they are. Sure, I had to enter a dressing room after a weird, smelly couple exited it. And I had to try on the vest and dress while standing in the middle of the funk cloud they left behind them. It was worth it. (Don't worry, as they exited the dressing room together, I remarked quite loudly that, "You're effing [I said the actual word] disgusting. Yes, you." Don't do stupid or disgusting things, and the bubble above my head won't pop.)

The Look:
Dress: Peter Som for Kohl's
Vest: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's
Shoes: Converse via DSW
Necklace (it's a sailboat): booth at an art fair


  1. Such a cute outfit! Looks like your summer is off to a great start!

  2. Uck, I am thoroughly disgusted. But this cute outfit makes up for it! I've been totally seeing the appeal of denim vests. Just as versatile as a denim jacket but you can wear it through the summer!

  3. haha I wouldn't have gone in the room after them. I would have looked at it, coughed out loud, and said "ewww what is that smell?" But I'm glad that you found such a great dress and vest! I went to Kohl's this morning and walked out empty handed. Although there was a really cute tee with zebras and one with elephants on it, but neither was still available in my size. Just because the national average female size is 14 doesn't mean that smaller people don't exist and need clothes!! bah!

  4. I completely agree about the dress with sleeves thing. I love sleeves and I get so tired of having to wear a cardigan over all my tank dresses to work. You are totally winning with the sleeve dress and the cute vest. And gross people!?

  5. Were they doing something in there that they shouldn't have been?

  6. Groooooossssss! (the couple, not your outfit). I don't even understand why this would have happened!

    But yeah, this dress is adorable! I hardly ever go into Kohl's, but I have a giftcard from Christmas that I need to use. I've seen a few really cute options from Kohl's on other bloggers recently, so I might just have to go check it out soon. And I might have to be creepy and buy the same dress as you. Because it's perfect.

  7. Hahahahahah, I love you and how bold you are! I can just picture/hear you saying that, hahaha!

    I really, really love this outfit, by the way. I wish I had picked up a denim vest before I began this year of no shopping...oh well! I'm such a fan of dresses with sneakers as well, so this is a total win for me! :)

  8. Your outfit is super adorable!!! I have been keeping my eye out for a striped dress with sleeves with no luck yet (ok, I haven't exactly searched THAT hard). Perfect pairing with your new denim vest and sneakers.

    For some reason, I just can't picture you swearing. I had to read your brackets again because I thought I must have read it wrong. I love that you told them off. That is just gross.

  9. I LOVE this outfit! It's the perfect combination of cute and comfy! Also, your hair looks great!


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