Monday, October 20, 2014

Back in Black

Since my wardrobe is spread all throughout the house (some in boxes, some in the other master closet we're not worrying about at the moment, some in the spare bedroom closet--I don't have that many clothes; I'm just not organized about it at the moment) while we paint our master bedroom and design my closet, I am not so creative in the outfit creating process. I guess I keep choosing black-oriented outfits because they're easier?

This leather jacket from thredUP might be the best $25 purchase of my life. I keep finding lookalikes for hundreds of dollars! (Apparently, lookalike is one word; I had to check. Fun fact of the day? I think so.)

This sweater is also a thredUP purchase. Hmm, how interesting. Mom bought me these Simply Vera boots from Kohl's, and I love them. That woman knows her black boots (and her Kohl's deals) better than anyone else. 

I thought wearing a long-sleeved shirt under this sweater made me a genius avoiding a light jacket on a 50 degree day. Instead, it made me a sweaty, hot mess in Target. 


  1. bah where do my comments keep going?! watch. you'll get all of them.

    1. or apparently not, as that's the first one that actually showed up. long story short: 1) you are the queen of thred up 2) you work black so well, so keep doing it. 3) please wear those boots again. and again. and again. thank you :)

  2. Your mom sounds so awesome! I mean, my mom is awesome, but not in the clothes-buying realm.

  3. Black on black is probably the easist, safest choice when it comes to outfits. Good choice. And you are seriously getting your money's worth out of that gorgeous leather jacket. Great find on that one. Can I just say I am so in love with your new thredUP sweater?? It looks super warm and cozy. I love it! Your momma has amazing taste in shoes. She has picked out some remarkable ones in the past!

  4. I love that jacket on you with your new haircut. And seems like we can't win on these brisk fall days. Too cold for no jacket outside, too hot inside. Unless you're at my house where we don't have the heat on yet and I wake up and it's 59 in my bedroom. Fun!

  5. I'm loving both look so rocker chic :) The sweater in the second outfit looks so dang it weird that I want to curl up in your sweater?

  6. Yay for all-black! Definitely the best thing ever when your wardrobe is limited. And you definitely spent the best $25 ever - that jacket is awesome!

    P.S. I don't think I've said this yet, but I LOVE your hair short. It looks awesome.

  7. Ohhhh my gosh! I really like the first outfit, but HOLY BALLS THAT SECOND ONE. You look phenomenal in it! I love that slouchy sweater on you, and those boots are diviiiine. I agree with Kate - never stop wearing them!!!


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