Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Today is actually Trendy Tuesday, and the theme is "Think Pink" in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month; however, you are seeing what I wore yesterday. Forgive me for being a day behind? 

I decided to wear black and orange since it would look ill-timed at any other point in the year. Why do certain holidays have to ruin perfectly good color combinations by making them acceptable at only one time of the year?

My co-teacher told me that this outfit is her favorite one, possibly ever. (Currently, I am watching the American Horror Story episode that I missed from last week, so I feel pretty themey right now.) 

The Outfit:
Sweater: Mossimo via Target (I hope they come out with this sweater again because this one seriously needs to be replaced.)
Skirt: Elle via Kohl's (only thing that would make it better is pockets)
Boots: Etienne Aigner via Macy's (old)
Scarf: Francesca's


  1. I was in JCPenney the other day and they had a bunch of solid sweaters similar to what you have on. I wonder if they would have what you're looking for? I almost got a pink one. I think you could wear black and orange at other times of the year, but you might have to add another color with it, like brown or something. But I don't wear orange so what do I know? :-)

  2. Chevron scarf! I love it. And I agree that both holidays and sports teams have ruined certain color combinations. I really like blue and orange together, but I'm worried people will think I'm a Broncos fan! Or around here, I rarely wear red during football season, because EVERYONE wears red on Fridays and Saturdays and I hate to match anyone!

  3. I think the only loophole to wearing black and orange together not this time of year is by throwing another color into the mix. I could see you wearing this outfit again some other time, given the addition of white. But then again, my computer refuses to show me the color of your sweater correctly, so I could be wrong.

  4. What a great outfit, Danielle! I'm pretty sure I fawn over that skirt every time you wear it, but I'm about to do it again - IT IS SO CUTE. That shape is my absolute favorite for skirts. I love that you look so fall-like and Halloweenie as well. My high school colors were orange and black, so I got to wear that color combination a ton - and since I did my counseling internship at my high school, I wore a lot of black and orange last year as well. I'm weird about letting sports teams and holidays mess with my use of color, too, though. I don't wear red and green together, I always hesitate about red and blue, I don't like purple and yellow together (MN Vikings), etc. I'm glad that the school I work at now has great colors: black, silver, and cobalt blue. I'm more than happy to wear those colors together!! ;)


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