Monday, October 27, 2014

Think Pink

I wore this outfit on Friday, and if you follow me on Instagram, then I already spoiled this surprise for you. Sorry about that. I would have taken pictures this weekend of the outfits I have planned for this week, but we finally moved everything still left in the apartment over to the house. I now have a living room filled with odds and ends.

You know what? I cannot force myself to care right now. I just finished my 37th letter of recommendation, which means I finally finished all of the letters due by November 1st, and I'm several days ahead of the game. I still have five left, but they aren't due until December or January; I think I earned a little break. I also have to make up my graduate final exam tomorrow night, and I have another graduate project due on Tuesday night. The odds and ends can wait, especially since we finally (pretty much) finished painting our blue bedroom. Now that I do not have to wake up in an aquarium, I can learn to live with the rest of the chaos for a few weeks.

Speaking of chaos, I came up with my motto for this school year: Don't get mad; get manic. Turn anger/frustration into craziness. It's working so far.  I am certifiable.

Oh, if you want to join my colleagues and me for our next few Trendy Tuesdays, here they are:

Tomorrow, October 28th: Think Pink (wear pink in honor of breast cancer awareness)

Wednesday, November 5th (we are off on the 4th for election day, so we moved our trendy day): Diamonds (A male colleague picked this gem! He suggested argyle, actual diamonds, sequins, or sparkles. All of these qualify for our theme. Isn't it a fun idea? I think so.)

Tuesday, November 11th: Invested (yes, that means wear a vest of some sort--this theme was chosen by a different male colleague of mine. Don't I work with the coolest people? I think so.)


  1. I like your motto, and I think it applies to me, because when I am angry, I am super efficient, so it works out. But I really hate being angry, so it's not a good option most of the time! And HOORAY for a non-blue bedroom!

  2. Your bedroom is looking mighty fine now, lady! And I agree with you - when I'm feeling overly emotional, I turn it into productive energy. Quite convenient! I am eager to follow along with the upcoming Trendy Tuesdays, too - great themes coming up!!

  3. 37 letters of recommendation? that's insane. take a break lady, you deserve it.

  4. I can't imagine waking up in an aquarium but I'm sure it's similar to what you've been experiencing in that master bedroom of yours. Thank goodness that's over! 37 letters of recommendation sounds exhausting! I guess you should just see it as flattery if that many students wanted you over another teacher to write something great :)

    You seriously know how to rock those red boots.


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