Friday, October 10, 2014

Miss me?

I promise I haven't left you intentionally. At this moment, if I actually use the bathroom within three hours of my bladder's first evacuation warning, then I consider it a good day. A third of our belongings still reside in the apartment because our lease isn't up until October 31st and taking our sweet time to move seemed like a wonderful idea. In hindsight, I see the terribleness.

Half of my clothes live in boxes because the previous owners decided bright blue walls, ceilings, doors, and baseboards would make for a serene bedroom and closet. Instead, every morning feels as if I've woken up in an aquarium. Half of my shoes still live at the apartment. My clothes pins (how do I close the chip bags!?) reside in a bowl at the apartment. My couch still sits in the apartment. Our guest bed? Apartment. All of my warm winter coats? Apartment. Sewing machine? Apartment. In the house? Nearly everything sits in a box. The only room that's mostly unpacked is the kitchen, so that's where I spend my time until my face hits the sheets. We do finally have a table and chairs in here, which is great because sitting on the floor and eating off of a blue Rubbermaid container was getting really old.

For the record, the apartment is about ten minutes from our house, so it's not even a big hike from one place to the next.  Monday night, I had to stay at school until 8 because I sponsor the freshman class, and it's Homecoming week. Tuesday night, I sat in grad class until 8:30. Wednesday night, we took a trip to Home Depot for 8 gallons of paint and then I painted for two and a half hours when we arrived home. Last night and tonight, I have been painting our kitchen in a desperate attempt to make something ours and something not manila. Or bright blue. Tomorrow morning, I meet with my grad group at 9, then my college roommate comes into town, then I go out to dinner with a colleague and her boyfriend. Sunday, we tackle the bedroom walls because I can't keep looking at blue everything. I just can't.

The moral of this poorly told story is that time management has become a struggle these days and my life is scattered about in too many places for me to keep track of anything effectively. Something must be forfeited in the name of sleep, so the blog has taken a hit. (Clearly, Criminal Minds, Law and Order: SVU, American Horror Story, Once Upon a Time, Big Bang Theory, Stalker, and Scorpion. Fall TV gets me every year. EVERY year.) Don't worry; I'm still silently stalking many of you on your blogs but I do so looking at my phone as I get ready in the morning, which means I cannot (figure out how to) comment.

Anyway, we went to a wedding at the Naval Academy in Annapolis last weekend, and I rented a dress from Rent the Runway. Best decision ever. They even send you a second size for free! I couldn't find anything else in my closet. SCORE. It was pretty chilly that day, so I wore my leather jacket over top (edgy meets classy? who cares.) because I couldn't find any of my other jackets. I think it worked. No, I have no pictures of that for you.

(Exact dress -- it's $25 off your first rental!) 
Note: I thought it'd have pockets, but mine most definitely did not. I was majorly disappointed.

I am so pasty. And my eyes are so tired. 

I might just frame this picture. 
(He got his suit from Express, the only place with decent prices and suit sizes that actually fit him!)

Isn't this church gorgeous? He's so goofy. 

They LOVE the new house! 

The kitchen wall color doesn't come across exactly as it is because my phone's camera leaves something to be desired. Thanks, phone. Close enough. 

Anyway, when my life is up and running, this blog will be, too. 
I miss writing and you guys, but duty (haha, dOO-ty) calls. 


  1. It sounds like a crazy week! I'm a crazy person when we move, I can sleep until every last picture is hung on the wall. It's crazy. Here's to hoping ou get settled in soon! Love the dress and picture of you and your hubby too!

  2. I've missed you so much I've repeatedly come to your blog just to click that instagram link to see what you're up to. I don't have instagram, if I haven't said that before. I don't want to tell you how to run your life, but maybe you go to your apartment on your way home and pick up a couple boxes? You'll be moved in lickity split. (I'm just kidding, I know this is all easier said than done and you sound super busy. Hang on tight, Oct. 31st will be here before you know it!)

  3. Ugh, the struggle is real, my friend! It sounds like life is CRAZY!! Hopefully just for a limited time though. Just think of how good and relaxing it will feel when you are all moved in and situated :) And I'm glad to hear that you are pleased with Rent the Runway. My 10-year high school reunion is in November and I was thinking about renting a dress for the occasion. I was worried about the fit but I feel better knowing that they send you two sizes just in case. And about your missing pockets. Perhaps you should have invited me as your date and you would have magically found them?!? I'm not quite as handsome as the date you chose, though. You probably made the wise decision.

  4. I feel ya! There's too much life going on to keep up with the blog the way I normally do (I don't think I've posted at all in October!) Good luck with the continued move, hopefully it gets a little easier. Also, GORGEOUS dress! You look fantastic! I've considered rent the runway before but never went through with it. It's good to hear that you had a pleasant experience with it.

  5. I don't know how you do it all, Danielle. You're a busy, busy woman - it reminds me of my last year of grad school...yikes. I feel you! I feel like there are many-a-blogger who are struggling to keep up with their blogs right now (myself included...) because life is SO FREAKING HECTIC. I'm always so happy when I see a post from you...or a comment...or a Facebook message...and I feel like it means that much more since you're so busy!! Take all the time you need to get settled in your new house, and we'll be waiting for your glorious return to blogging!

    Also, holy balls, you look amazing in that dress! I love how simple and elegant it is! You and your date look quite smashing together.

  6. You look absolutely stunning in that dress Danielle! Serious jaw-dropping! You and Jeff make for one attractive couple! I know what you mean about life being so hectic lately. I can't imagine trying to teach full-time (plus nightly grading and planning) on top of painting and trying to settle into a new home. Since it's been awhile since you posted this, I hope things have calmed down just a bit and you're able to stay sane, besides the concussion of course!


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