Thursday, October 16, 2014

Watch Out for Shower Paraphernalia

Tuesday morning started off pretty well. I woke up. Waking up always makes for a great start to the day. Things started to deteriorate quickly after that. To prevent the impending grease on my head from starting a fire, I decided to take a shower.

The previous owners decided that a thick, heavy tension rod would make for a suitable arrangement for a shower curtain. I proved them wrong. I took the towel off the towel rack and went to throw it over the curtain rod, well, I pulled the shower curtain, its rod, and the accompanying (and large) hooks down onto the right side of my head. There I wobbly stand in the shower holding all of the shower apparatus in my arms when I realize, "crap, the door is locked." I take a tiny step forward to unlock the door and call for Jeff who comes barreling up the stairs.

He barges into the bathroom to find me standing there quite awkwardly, holding everything in my arms. Of course, in this situation, I cannot see any other way of standing. I meekly utter, "help." He asks if it hurts; I say, "yes, it really hurts. It smashed me in the head. My head hurts." My ego felt the largest brunt at this point.

At work, things started off okay despite the nagging headache. After third period, I started grading three sets of scantrons. Apparently, staring at all of those little bubbles provoked my brain. When I went to a meeting, I started to see doubles of people and felt like I might upchuck the lunch I hadn't yet eaten. I left the meeting and visited the nurse next door (how convenient) to ask if she did concussion testing. She said my pupils looked dilated and I looked pale (more than usual?) and suggested I take a visit to Patient First.

While two of my kind colleagues packed me up, carried my bags, and escorted me to the front office, Jeff flew over from work. (My weepy voice on the phone was all he needed to hear.)

Long story short: the doctor diagnosed me with a concussion, made me take off of work for two days, and reminded me it would take a week for the headaches and dizziness to clear. I am not winning at life right now, but I did convince Jeff to take my pictures today...despite my uncooperative hair. (In its defense, I had not brushed it before he took pictures. It was sort of a rough day; my hair took a hard hit. Pun intended.)

The Look:
Cardigan: Target
Sweater: Target (Whitney, it's our matching sweater!)
Pants: American Eagle
Boots: Etienne Aigner via Macy's several years ago

(Yes, these pictures were taken in our new backyard!)


  1. oh gosh! How do these things even happen??? I hope you are feeling better. I've never had a concussion, but it sounds pretty unpleasant! I do love this outfit, so that's a good thing!

  2. How scary! Also, how do you still look so cute with a concussion? I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Your story should have ended with how you woke up Wednesday morning. At least when I got a minor concussion in the spring, waking up was a big deal. I hope your dizziness doesn't last a week.

  4. Yikes, so sorry that happened to you; hope you feel better soon. I love the outfit!

  5. Well at least you look adorable! Curses on the old owners of your house and the concussion they gave you. Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Oh my gosh, I am so sorry this happened to you! I'm so glad you had the nurse check on you and that you went to the doctor. I hope you are feeling better today. Take care.

  7. You had quite a rough day!! I've never had a concussion but it sure doesn't sound pleasant. But seriously, all because you threw a towel over the curtain rod? A pretty normal thing to do I might add. Your new house had quite the previous owners. Maybe the shower rod hit them over the head too when they decided to paint the entire house blue.

  8. Holy smokes! What a day! I'm happy to read, however, that the bump on the head has not shaken your sense of humor :) I do hope that your head stops spinning soon! And you weren't kidding when you set we were rocking the twin looks...I LOVE it :)


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