Thursday, December 11, 2014


I am fully aware that a smudge exists on the middle of my mirror. It makes me laugh every time I look it it (and I keep forgetting to grab the Windex from the kitchen), so I let it stay. You see, my two-year-old niece loves to kiss herself in my mirror. She winks at herself, smiles coyly, and then gives her reflection a big ol' smooch.

Now that we're on the subject of my niece, let's talk about the conversation we had on the phone the other day when my parents were watching her. (Recently, her vocabulary has exploded, so she is a chatty mcchatterson.)

My mom: Tell Aunt Danielle hi!
Me: Hey, Tater Tot! (my nickname for her)
Me: Hey, kid, say hi to me!
Juliana: HI! ... HI! ... HI! ... HI!

Best conversation I've had in weeks.

I loved this outfit with the blazer, but it did what the name says: set me ablaze. Whew, it was hot. 

The Look:
Sweater: Forever 21
Chambray: J.Crew Factory
Blazer: Target
Jeans: American Eagle
Boots: Etienne Aigner via Macy's
Necklace: gift from my Momma, I mean "Santa." (last year)



  1. So if you are too hot in that outfit then it would be perfect for my freezing office. I still haven't figured out the right amount of layering but now I have some ideas :)

  2. Nieces are the best!! Mine are getting old enough that we have actual conversations, and it's really fun. Tonight, my niece was shaming me for never painting my nails: "Seriously, you run a fashion blog and you don't even paint your nails! What's wrong with you?" So I explained that I don't run a fashion AND beauty blog. I just like clothes. I don't have any patience for fancy hair products or makeup! She wasn't convinced.

  3. Oh yeah that seems like a toasty outfit with three full sleeve layers! Your niece sounds adorable and hilarious.

  4. I was going to ask you how you handled all these layers! Maybe you can start opening windows when you get too warm? Or just take off all your clothes? Hm. No. That won't work. One day we'll come up with the perfect solution for you. In the mean time, enjoy the kisses :)

  5. Your niece sounds adorable! I'm loving all the layering here! It's a bit crazy to think you were to warm in all those layers. Yesterday, I was shocked to be warm all day with just a thick sweater over my thermal top instead of needing my fleece on top of it like normal!

  6. Oh my gosh, I love that your niece gives herself smooches in the mirror! I can't wait until I'm an aunt!! And I bet you were roasty-toasty in that outfit with all those layers! It's so cute, though. The pattern of the knit in your sweater is great!


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