Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Repurposed or Reclalimed

Yesterday, I told you that I had to rethink some of my summer clothes so that I could repurpose them for colder weather. In fact, I dubbed today's Trendy Tuesday "Repurposed or Reclaimed" in honor of my decision to go all MacGyver on my wardrobe. This dress is one of my repurposed summer items. The other day, I felt angry about stores selling so many sleeveless dresses in the winter. I can feel less angry now that I know how to circumvent this frustration. Look at me being all resourceful.

Does anyone else have an exorbitant amount of "thin" sweaters that really function very little in the winter? Essentially, they are long-sleeved tees made of sweater material. I decided to force function out of this sweater by layering it under this dress. Since the dress is too short for work, I paired it with leggings, which turned it into a tunic. Now THAT is how you wear leggings. As long as your bum is covered, you can wear leggings in public. You may not, however, enter society wearing sweatpants tucked into Uggs. In no way can you remedy that situation. It's like the ugly, unfortunate, dyspeptic sister of MC Hammer's parachute pants.

Anyway, now that I am done insulting sweatpants tucked into Uggs, allow me to show you yesterday's outfit today (spoiler: I showed you today's outfit yesterday...oops?), which you can see so clearly in these photos of the most beautiful quality.

The Look:
Dress: via thredUP // similar from F21
Sweater: Mossimo via Target // F21 options
Scarf: Francesca's 
Leggings (which are very dark jean material): New York & Co.
Booties: Crown Vintage via DSW // exact
Earrings: Target

I wore the dress this way in the summer:

The same dress this way:

The same scarf and sweater (of a different color) this way:

The sweater (and similar booties) this way:

The same sweater and booties this way:

I guess I really do love this sweater? I feel a bit terrible about calling it a tee made of sweater material. 


  1. I get annoyed about sleeveless dresses in winter too. It's actually pretty difficult to find dresses with sleeves, and I'm not sure why. This is a nice remedy for that!

  2. see, I love sleeveless dresses because I can wear them year-round - just layered in the winter! I like to layer a thinner sweater under the dress and then wear a cardi over the dress (like you mentioned via email yesterday), and then it's usually warm enough.

  3. A sweater under a dress? My mind has been blown. I also get disgruntled about sleeveless dresses in winter, but then I get more frustrated when I try on sleeved dresses and they don't fit because they aren't meant for linebackers. Now I want to see you wear this outfit again, but put the sweater over the dress. Keep everything else the same. K? K. Thanks!

  4. I feel your pain. My sweaters are all too thin for much warmth to be had. Layering under a dress is genius really. Especially a nice camel one like you're showing here. I've been eyeing sweater dresses but know I'll just be layering a coat over it and no one will see it. I hope your classroom is toasty so everyone can see your lovely layers.

  5. You are such a cutie, Danielle! I really love the way this turned out - and the colors are lovely, too! I get super annoyed with the sleeveless dress thing as well...which is why I tend to love Old Navy so much. Their online sleeved dress selection is wonderful :) I also really love sweater dresses for that reason, too. And I just realized that all of the sweaters I have right now are these long-sleeved-tees-made-out-of-sweater-material...aka not sweaters at all. No wonder I'm always cold in the winter...


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