Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The most beautiful thing I've ever seen

I am laughing right now because I spy, with my little eye, a thredUP bag in the hallway. Yeah, I've had that thing packed for over a week now, which is an extremely conservative estimate, and have yet to put it in the mail. Good job, self.

Anyway, my Dad installed phase two of my closet system today. Yes, he built and stained the entire shelf system! We planned out phase three: the jewelry station. Oh, the scarf I'm wearing? My mom crocheted it. Seriously, my parents possess so many talents. I need to start figuring out how they accomplish these tasks so perfectly.

The Look:
Cardigan: J.Crew Factory
Long-sleeved tee: Target
Skirt: Francesca's
Tights (fleece lined): The Limited
Booties: Nine West via DSW (they're navy)
Scarf: Mom's handiwork right there (she tried out a new design, and I love it.)


I thought you might want to see the closet installation because it really is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen:
My patterned scarfs are in clear boxes atop the shelves.
All of my heels, flats, and booties are on the shelves. (I keep my tall boots in the coat closet because they are dirtier; I don't want them up in my bedroom. Eww.)

Dad and I designed the shelving system so that it wouldn't extend so far to the right (on that wall) that I would lose access to stuff hanging on the rods. It ended up being the perfect width. I have zero problems seeing or reaching clothes on the far left of the closet.  All of my bras sit in a basket on the floor (far left). All of my socks are in that brown basket just beneath my cardigans. I plan to get another basket for all of my tights so that they can sit next to my sock basket.

(My most-used scarves are in a pretty basket underneath this shelf that we designed just for my long skirts and dresses. My belts are in a little drawer system next to the scarf basket.)

When the final phase, phase 3, is complete, I will give you a little peek. 
I might just take naps in my closet now.


  1. Oooh what an amazing closet! So pretty and organized! Your parents are the best. Your mom always adds to your closet and now your dad has organized it :)

  2. I am SO jealous of your closet! Can I hire your dad when I own a closet someday?? Haha.

  3. OK please disregard my comment on your previous post as I was asking for pictures of your new closet. Oops!
    Your dad did such a great job! It looks so organized and beautiful! I bet you're going to love getting dressed in there huh?

  4. It's. So. Perfect. Ughhhh. Can your dad fly to Louisiana and build me a closet???

  5. Awesome job!!!! Your dad rocks! Can I add to the request list for having him make one for me? :-)

  6. Ooo I love this closet! Your dad did such an awesome job! (And your mom too with your scarf! Love!)

  7. Your closet really is a beautiful sight! Forget naps--I would live in that lovely space!

  8. Yep, your parents are amazing - between that cozy-looking scarf (I want one in maroon so bad!) and your gorgeous new closet, I'm supes jeal. (Sorry for typing like a tween on your blog. Although, if I were to go to the tween-extreme, I'd type it as "sUpEs JeAl." And now I'm gagging.)

    That outfit is adorable, by the way. I love that skirt, and I like how you highlighted the reds in the skirt with your cardigan.

  9. I have a twin thredup bag that I need to mail in. It actually wasn't big enough for all the things I wanted to send, so I'll have to request another one soon. This is my first time, so I hope I make a little bit of cash! You are also convincing me that I should get some navy booties. Those are so cute, and I have so much navy stuff that I feel I can only wear with my cognac boots.

  10. Beautiful closet. I too have a thredup bag that needs to be sent. It's only half as full as yours, maybe that's why I've been waiting to send it? Who knows.


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