Wednesday, December 10, 2014


When I first bought this coat about seven years ago, I told Jeff that it made me feel like Paddington Bear, a beloved cartoon character of my past. He had no idea who this furry creature wearing a toggle button coat was. What a shame. Obviously, I educated him. He has an official site if you would like to meet him, too.

I am going to go sleep now because I took off work and grad class today for some awful grossness plaguing my respiratory system. (I am also confusing myself because I wrote this post on Tuesday night but scheduled it to go "live" on Wednesday morning.) Later, gators. 

Oh, if you're curious, I did not wear this outfit to work. I wore it for a rainy day of errands.

The Look:
Coat (so old): Michael Kors via Filene's Basement, I think
Jeans: high-rise "jeggings" from American Eagle (they're skinny jeans, honestly)
Boots: joules (won them in a giveaway two years ago)
Sweater: St. John's Bay (bought it on thredUP a year or two ago)
Necklace: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's


  1. I clicked the link thinking the "he" you were referring to was Jeff. Needless to say I was really confused about why Jeff's site was dedicated to Paddington. Those boots are awesome and I want your turtleneck. Hope you feel better!

  2. Oh no! You're sick again? I hope a day at home will help you get better! That sweater just looks so cozy and warm and those boots get me every time!

  3. Sorry you aren't feeling well. I hope a good sleep helped.

  4. Blergh, being sick is so crappy. I've been on the verge of a cold for the past several days, which is so annoying. I think I'd rather either get legitimately sick or feel 100% better instead of this whole can't-breathe-at-night-feel-exhausted-but-otherwise-normal-during-the-day shit I've been wrestling with recently.

    But I love that you love Paddington. I used to be utterly obsessed with Paddington - one year for my birthday, my parents bought me alllll Paddington-themed birthday gifts! Best birthday ever? I think so.


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