Monday, December 15, 2014

This past weekend, we celebrated the first birthday of one of Jeff's (second) cousins. In total, between his sister and his cousins, there are seven little kids, and the two of us somehow ended up hanging out with all of them. There we were just sitting on the couch, and one was climbing behind me, another was making googly faces at me from the Lil Tikes picnic table across the room, and another was sprawled out on the ottoman in front of us. I guess there is something really appealing about adults without kids? Or we just ooze coolness. Well, Jeff might ooze coolness. I like to refer to myself as being endearingly awkward. My brother, however, inherited the cool genes in the family.

Today, Dad installed phase two of my closet, and it is SO BEAUTIFUL. Honestly, I might sleep in there. I chatted with Mom for awhile. Dad, Jeff, and I plotted phase three (the final phase) of the closet, the jewelry station. All four of us ate dinner. It was a glorious day, and I finished almost all of my grad project due on Tuesday.

Hanging out with family this weekend reminded me how excited I am for winter break because I can spend time with so many people I love. Plus, my intern and I planned it so that we will take home no grading over break! :) Now that is a Christmas miracle right there.

As for today's outfit, it is reeeeeally comfortable. I bought this sweatshirt thing in black as well. Such a good decision.

The Look:
Cardigan: LOFT
Sweatshirt: Target (recent)
Jeans: American Eagle (recent)
Boots: b.o.c. via DSW
Necklace: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's


  1. I got the Mossimo version of this and am kicking myself that I didn't get multiple colors, because it's sold out now 😒. Loved seeing the closet pictures too, beautiful!

  2. I am 100% convinced that kids can sense a non-parent and know we will be more fun because we aren't already exhausted from taking care of them all the time. My littlest niece knows that I will do almost anything she asks of . And my sister is always like "you can say no!" but really, I am not capable of saying no to that face!

  3. I am a huge fan of b.o.c. sandals--I didn't know they made boots! I might have to check out DSW's selection.

  4. Wait, that beautiful cowl neck thing is a sweatshirt? ? It looks like a gorgeous sweater from here! Wow I bet that's cozy! Will you be showing pictures of your completed closet? The pics you showed on IG make me want to explore the whole thing!

  5. Okay, that "sweatshirt thing" is SO cute! I need some warm, cozy, work-appropriate tops so badly (all I have are cardigans right now, basically), and I just got a gift card to Target from my brother for my birthday so I guess we'll be closet twins again soon ;) I'm so glad to hear you had a wonderful weekend. It certainly does make the prospect of winter break just that much more exciting, right?!


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