Thursday, December 4, 2014

Pandora's Box

In order to fix the shoddy wiring in our den, Jeff took down part of one of our walls. What did he find behind it? Extensive termite damage. Damage so severe that he poked one of the vertical supports, and his finger went all the way through it. In case you were otherwise unaware, wood is supposed to be solid. As a result, the termite inspector who inspected our house before we bought it came to see the damage on Monday.  Additionally, a contractor had to come on Tuesday in order to fix the issue. Homeownership is a bar, and we keep buying everyone rounds! Hoo to the ray. Just add it to our tab, man.

I warned Jeff that he would open the wall and find Pandora's box, but what does a wife know? Nothing other than mythological allusions. Clearly. I assure you this is one time I did not enjoy being right.  

Anyway, on to happy things like this dress. Once again, I layered a sweater under a sleeveless dress. My creativity knows no bounds.

The Look:
Dress: Old Navy
Sweater: Old Navy
Belt: NY & Co.
Shoes: via DSW
Scarf: my momma crocheted it


  1. Ugh boo to the termite damage! Owning a home is such a mix of ups and downs! At least you are able to get it taken care of quickly. Great layered look again. I love these shoes! I've been on the hunt for a pair of brown heeled oxfords for about two years now!

  2. Yuck, I'm so sorry! I hope it was all old and there aren't any little creatures still snacking. Home ownership has so many ups and downs, for sure! Per usual, you look adorable too. :)

  3. THOSE SHOES! I love them! And I've really enjoyed your sleeveless items layered over sweaters and long-sleeved tees lately! I, for some reason, usually forget about this combination. Maybe now that I've seen you in it enough times I will remember! And huge bummer about those termintes. At least you figured it out sooner rather than waiting for something to fall apart?

  4. My husband frequently complains about living in an apartment, but then I remind him of all the terrible things that go with living in a house. This would be one I could add to the list. I'm not a doctor, but it seems that wood is something it takes time to make hard? Hopefully this will be a quick and easy fix!

  5. Oh, no! I hope it's just in a small spot. I'm so sorry. I always joke about calling Mike Holmes. Or winning some kind of show or contest where they'd fix everything wrong with my house for free. Ha ha ha, I live in a dreamland.

  6. Ugh, welcome to home-ownership! We haven't had any huge issue yet, but there are the dumbest things that we just don't fix. I only ever think of changing the lightbulb in the basement entryway when I am walking out the door or work. Like every day. This has been months. In my apartment, I would have just called the office on my way out the door. Anyway, I hope the inspector has to take some blame for not finding the issue!

  7. Isn't being an adult such an annoyance? And not to mention SO expensive! I hate it most days. Then somedays I eat ice cream for supper and feel like this being an adult stuff is kinda fun. Anyways, this outfit screams quintessential (I'm not going to lie, I just had to google how to spell that) teacher to me! So perfect on you :)

  8. I love this outfit combination! I didn't notice your dress was purple until closer inspection! Great color combinations going on here.

    I've never owned a home but it sure sounds like a lot of work! Termite damage is no fun and probably super expensive. How did the exterminator even miss all that during the first inspection? ?? He should give you a huge (read: free) discount.

  9. What a major bummer about the termite damage! It's times like this I'm glad Kevin and I don't own a house quite yet...ain't nobody got money (or time) for that shit.

    But this outfit? Yes....I love it. You look so cute in this outfit combination! As I've been planning the items for my winter capsule that will be starting in January, I'm pretty excited about wearing the long-sleeved-shirt-under-a-sleeveless-dress combo a few more times! It just works!


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