Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hump Day Bump Day (15 weeks)

Usually, I do not complain about the weather because everyone else does it for me. However, my one complaint about this continual craptastic weather is that it forces me to wear pants more often than dresses (finally found tights that do not cut into my stomach), and the pant struggle is real right now. I have two "nice" pairs for work and a few pairs of jeans; I just cannot jump fully onto the leggings bandwagon, either. Last week, I had to pack up my pant collection so that it did not sadden me every time I tried to locate a cute outfit in my closet. Emotional crisis averted. Mostly. Also, does anyone remember Lampchop's Sing-a-longs? What about "This is the song that never ends. Yes, it goes on and on, my friends?" Anyone? Yeah, well, I think an appropriate word swap would be "winter" for "song."

The Look:
Dress: Old Navy (just got it and I love it, especially that it's not maternity AND that it is long enough. Glory hallelujah.)
Cardigan: Old Navy
Scarf: made by Momma
Boots: Franco Sarto
Necklace: I think it's from The Limited

Yes, you might be looking at that bump and saying to yourself, "seriously, she can't wear her regular pants? She calls that a bump?" 


Wearing: On Monday night, I hunted for stuff that is not maternity but could work during and after pregnancy; Old Navy rarely fails me, so I found two dresses, two shirts, and a pair of jeans. I know my pants situation can be solved only by maternity pants, and I have surrendered to that fact of life. I found a great pair of skinny maternity jeans from Old Navy (bought them with this dress) that actually fit, and I scored them for 30% off. Boom. People keep assuring me that pregnancy makes leggings socially acceptable, but my brain still fights it. However, I will wear jeans every day to work until the weather warms up and feel zero remorse about it. Zero. Today, I also matched two of my students in fifth period.  Another student said, "If ____ and ____ had a baby, it'd be Ms. Wo." Kids say the darndest things.

Reading: I just started reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close because I plan to teach it to my juniors during fourth quarter. I LOVE IT. I have made it four chapters into the novel, and I have fallen in love with the eccentric, adorable, endearing narrator. I know it will bring me to ugly cries, and I am okay with that.

Eating: Virgil's root beer is the bee's knees (I know it qualifies as a drink, not a food, but it bears mentioning here). Also, I want salads, olives, french-style green beans, gluten-free soft pretzels (SO AMAZING) and pink lady apples. I grow terribly, terribly sick of eating the same thing every day, so I mostly crave variety. Those old wives' tales about cravings are a bunch of hogwash for me. Salty is supposed to mean boy and sweet is supposed to mean girl. I crave both.

Feeling: The nausea has abated significantly. However, the one weird, disgusting, persistent symptom is a head full of snot. Not an "I have a cold" snot, but rather "let's see how many times I choke on my own phlegm just because my body cannot possibly stop producing it" snot. I blow my nose so often that the inside of it actually hurts. No Rudolph nose, so at least my face hides the snot. I can actually feel pulling and stretching and cramping, but compared to my monthly visitor? These growing pains are nothing.

Anticipating:  On April 6th, we find out whether this kid is a mini me or a mini Jeff; if we are all lucky, this kid will be a mini me whether it's male or female. I am not sure the world can contend with another ball of energy like Jeff. Okay, I am not sure I can contend with another ball of energy like Jeff. Just tonight, I was lying peacefully on the bed when he came upstairs and started blowing in my face. Earlier, he decided to play the "let's see how loudly and obnoxiously I can chew these cheeseballs." Dude kills me.


  1. Awww, you look adorable. I love that tiny baby bump. I vote for a girl since girls are the best (knowing from experience), plus she will be fashionable like her mamma. =D I love this outfit and pinned it. That i a great dress. I currently have on a Black+White Dress also. They are great to transition into Spring, I think. =)

    Happy Wednesday, Danielle!

  2. Love this outfit! I still cannot find a cardi that color and it kills me. But when I do find one, I will indeed copy this outfit. I'm glad that you aren't wearing legging as pants just because your prego. Only if your front and back are covered is it acceptable... prego or no prego. Nuff said. Also, I think you should know that the "check out these items" ad under your post is showing cans of green beans! Hahahahaha! I guess that's what happens when you mention green beans on your blog! Tomorrow, post about burritos and let's see if it recommends them. :P

  3. Even before the bump shows, pants just plain hurt! I totally feel your pain on that. Hang in there. The weather will turn horribly hot and humid just when you are your biggest, and you will be so sorry that winter is gone! ;-) Anyway, it all goes way too fast, so just keep enjoying it all, snot excluded.

  4. I love this outfit! And congrats on your pregnancy! I have to ask though... What brand are your gluten-free soft pretzels? I have been searching for some and haven't been able to find some that remotely compare to gluten-FILLED soft pretzels! Help please?? :)

  5. Maybe you will have one boy and one girl! Any confirmation that you're not having twins? These things happen.

    Also, now you make me really want a soft pretzel. Just saying.

  6. Your baby bump is adorable. I can't imagine trying to find clothes that fit comfortably with an expanding belly that's not the obvious empire waist options. I just cannot wear those without looking pregnant. I just have one question: If you have a girl, will your Momma be making baby crumb catchers for her too?

  7. This is an adorable look! My friend dealt with a lot of congestion and snot around the middle of her pregnancy, but it's not as bad now that she's in her third trimester, so hopefully this will pass soon for you too! Oh, and I just added Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close to my to-read list!

  8. okay, you look wonderful! I've decided anyone who makes comments on bump size should just be throat-;punched, everyone has a different body type in regular life, and pregnancy is no different. I swear, I was 28 weeks along and people were still telling me I didn't look pregnant, but I was feeling HUGE, so I just felt like I must have already looked huge to them. Not awesome!

    I can't quite do the tunic/leggings thing, even though I think it looks cute on other people (like Brynn is always wearing cute leggings outfits). But I did buy a few pairs that I have been wearing under dresses. Anyway, I'm glad I got the leggings, because they are more comfortable than tights, and a bit warmer, but they are still tight enough that I don't think they look bulky under a dress. Hopefully winter will be over soon, and you won't have to worry about it! I'm really looking forward to the weather warming up so I can just wear skirts and dresses without tights and boots. And I'm just hoping the heat doesn't make my ankles swell up all crazy.

    Oh, and I'm SO EXCITED for you to find out if baby is a boy or girl. Seriously, that is so fun! And seeing the little alien baby squirming around on the ultrasound was my favorite thing. I couldn't believe how much he was moving around, because I wasn't feeling any movement at 20 weeks!


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