Thursday, March 26, 2015


This cardigan (and many other colors of the same kind) costs only $8.90 at Forever21. The color selection rattles my brain. If I actually needed another cardigan, I would buy it from Forever21. I bought this one and an orange one. Sure, it probably will not last forever, but with the amount I wear my cardigans, none of them is bound to last forever.

Also, these Merona flats from Target are extremely comfortable. They have just a bit of cushion in them, which makes them better than some of my higher-priced flats. I have these magenta ones, a pair of blue ones, tan ones, and then my black and white pair from yesterday's post. I always forget how comfortable they feel until I put on a pair for the day. Target, there you go doing it again.

The Look:
Cardigan: Forever21 (exact)
Top: J.Crew Factory
Pants: Motherhood Maternity
Flats: Merona via Target (similar)


  1. I have a super cheap cardigan from Forever 21 that I got about 5 years ago and it's still in great shape! The sleeves shrunk a little in length, but I just roll them up now. I just checked this one out on the website, and holy smokes! There are a ton of color options!

  2. I just recieved that same cardi in the mail yesterday (but in black)! Unfortunately the sleeves/shoulder area was too big though. Have you dried yours in the dryer? I'm wondering if it'll shrink. I don't think the quality of it was that bad though for only $9! I'll probably order a few more (in the right size) eventually now that I know that.

  3. There are some items that you should spend a lot on, but I'm thinking cardigans aren't one of them. If I didn't already have way way way too many, I'd take advantage of the deal asap.

  4. What a crazy price! I usually get mine at Old Navy or Target when they're on sale, but that's a good deal especially if you're looking for a specific color. I should check it out!

  5. Wow that is a great deal! Cardigans are my favorite in the warmer months. Much softer than a light jacket. Those flats are adorable, I'm sad they aren't available anymore to try out for myself!

  6. Holy crap! I can't believe all of the different color options in those cardigans! I'm in the market to replace a few of my cardigans...looks like I'll need to check out these!!!


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